'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sex Talk and Spit Takes in Miami

When Ramona, Sonja and Carole meet Aviva's father George, the sex talk never ends.
Aviva & Reid Drescher, Sonja Morgan, George Teichner

When The Real Housewives of New York travel, the fun and nuttiness hit the road with them. When we left them last week, we knew Aviva Drescher was setting Sonja up with her vivacious father George but George proved to be so much more than that; it turned out he is, as Aviva claimed, a bit of a sex fiend.

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First, the ladies enjoyed lunch and cocktails, followed by face yoga with Ranjana Khan (wife of Naeem Khan, couture designer to Hollywood stars and First Lady Michelle Obama) at her penthouse in the performing arts district. While Carole and Aviva gave the face yoga a try, Ramona and Sonja were like naughty schoolgirls, giggling and laughing and generally making fun of the whole thing. Then Ramona Bossypants surfaced and kept demanding Aviva get out of the pool because of her prosthetic leg. The usually good-natured Aviva didn't appreciate Ramona's constant hectoring. Neither did we.  

At dinner at Aviva and Reed's, George's love for the ladies was evident in every remark out of his mouth. Though he was supposed to set his sights on Sonja, he turned his flirt beam on Carole as well, promising that if she slept with him, he'd give her a particular type of orgasm. Carole, not a prude at all, was caught off guard and in what may be one of reality TV's funniest moments, Ramona's husband Mario did a full-on spit take when he heard George make that promise to Carole. 

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A visit to George's beachside building resulted in George flirting even more with a bikini-clad Sonja and not making much headway. While Sonja appreciated George's monied appearance and joie de vive, after his non-stop comments about her body parts, she thought he might be too much for her after he suggested a three-hour sex session.

Back home in New York, Carole and Luann visited a downtown boutiquem and Carole, always the straight shooter, told Luann she was a little upset about Luann visiting Naeem Khan's boutique and asking him to loan her some dresses. Luann apologized and said she didn't mean to upset Carole. See what happens when you use your words, ladies?

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The final night in Miami was at an Art Basel party and Aviva, Reed, George, Sonja, Ramona and Mario had a reserved bed/seating area at the event, which George immediately used as an excuse to get very close to Sonja again. Sonja's reaction to George's excitement was, "ew." So much for a love connection. The group enjoyed cocktails, art, and synchronized swimmers. 

How did you like the Miami adventure? What did you think of Aviva's dad George? Hit the comments and let us know. 

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