'Real Housewives of Orange County' Premiere: 6 Burning Questions

From Tamra and Gretchen's peace treaty to that totally staged introduction for Heather, these are things that had me saying, "Huh?"
Vivian Zink/Bravo

Bravo premiered the seventh season of the women who started it all, The Real Housewives of Orange County, on Tuesday and it left me with several questions (or maybe you can call them things that made me go “hmmm”).

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On the premiere, we met a new housewife, Heather Dubrow, Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi turned over a new leaf, Vicki Gunvalson is dating again while her divorce with Donn isn’t finalized, and Alexis Bellino landed a new TV gig.

Here are my six burning questions after watching the O.C. premiere.

1. Can Tamra and Gretchen really bury the hatchet? There’s plenty of leftover vitriol between the two women. I always thought it all stemmed from Tamra’s jealousy of Gretchen’s youth, beauty, and good hair, but that’s just me. I have a couple reasons for believing that this peace treaty will remain intact. First, Tamra really has become a nicer and happier person since her separation. And second, the friendship will definitely cause drama between them and Vicki, Slade, and Alexis. And in Real Housewives land, drama is money in the bank.

2. Donn wants spousal support from Vicki? Oh, no he didn’t. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have always seen Donn as sort of that pound puppy dog that just wanted some loving. But, divorce does bring out the worst in people. If I remember correctly, Donn had two working legs and arms. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be using them to make his own money.

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3. Does Alexis really know what Katie Couric does? It’s one thing to appear on a local TV station talking about cherry-shaped booties in your barely-there exercise wear. It’s a whole other thing to compare that to the education and experience that it took for Katie to get to where she is. Sure, Katie loves a short skirt, but that’s where the similarities to Alexis end.

4. Does Bravo believe we’re fooled by Heather Dubrow’s introduction to the series? Believe me, I’m willing to go pretty much anywhere Bravo takes me. My ability to suspend disbelief is surprisingly high. But, that whole scene in which Tamra tries to sell Heather a vacant lot? Bravo, please. The kicker for me was when Tamra asked Vicki if Heather could come to her dinner party. Vicki hates new girls. So, that chipper “the more the merrier” answer? No, I won’t accept that. Just call her an OC housewife and plunk her down in the middle of the drama, Bravo. That works every time and feels a lot more authentic. I did appreciate Heather's annoyance at seeing rooftops as one of the reasons she decided not to purchase the property. That was just so deliciously bourgeois.

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5. Are we talking about the same Jim? I understand competition between women when it comes to their husbands. But, seriously, Alexis and Peggy Tanous need to stop acting as if the audience is blind. If Jim is an example of the best the OC has to offer, those women need to drive the 40 minutes to Beverly Hills. Hello, Mauricio.

6. Is Peggy the new Jeana Keough? You know, she’s no longer a cast member, but still shows up to make everyone feel uncomfortable. I can only hope she tosses a drink in someone’s face. Otherwise, sucks to be her.

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