MTV's 'Real World' Season 29 Trailer: Housemates' Exes Bring on the Drama (Video)

In an effort to revitalize the long-running series, the upcoming season promises to be full of dramatics.
"Real World: Ex-Plosion"

MTV dips back into the Real World well with the 29th installment of the long-running reality series.

The upcoming season, which kicks off Jan. 15 at 10 p.m., adds a new wrinkle to the tried-and-true formula of the Real World franchise. By adding the ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends of its Real World housemates, the cable network is betting that the mere presence of former lovers will cause even more chaos and mayhem.

STORY: MTV Retooling 'Real World,' Planting Roommates' Exes in House

"This is not like every other season of The Real World," one of the housemates rightly says at the start of the 90-second trailer.

Dubbed Real World: Ex-Plosion, the first trailer for the upcoming run spotlights the shenanigans that will go down when the housemates discover they'll be be living with people they probably hoped they'd never see again. Things get heated as jealousy and anger rage. Also, as the trailer reveals, one of the girls gets pregnant.

"The whole game's changed now."

Watch the trailer below.

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