Reba McEntire to Guest Star on 'Last Man Standing'

Reba McEntire - H 2016
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Reba McEntire - H 2016

Reba McEntire is stopping by Last Man Standing.

The country music personality will guest star in an upcoming episode of the ABC comedy starring Tim Allen. She will play a famous adventurer who travels the world doing the kind of outdoor stuff Mike Baxter (Allen) used to do.

Her character also happens to be Mike's former college sweetheart. While they attended the University of Michigan together they both loved outdoor activities and adventure, which is what propelled them into their current careers. The old flame has come to town because she’s designed a line of outdoor gear that Ed (Hector Elizondo) wants to sell exclusively at Outdoor Man.

When she arrives, Mike begins to suspect that Reba's character, who never married, is still in love with him. Things get complicated after she agrees to Ed's deal and Ed proposes what he thinks is a fantastic way to launch Outdoor Man's new product line: a promotional trip to various exotic locales around the world with just her and Mike.

The episode will air this spring.