Rebel Wilson Reads a Threatening Note From New Neighbor (Video)

Rebel Wilson Matt Lucas Conan Show - H 2012

Rebel Wilson Matt Lucas Conan Show - H 2012

Hot Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson brought her particular brand of deadpan comedy to the Conan couch last night.

Decked out in a green Adidas tracksuit and heavy gold "Bitch" necklace, Wilson -- whose pilot Super Fun Night was executive produced by Conan O'Brien -- shares the story of having moved in for real with her Bridesmaids co-star Matt Lucas.

It's an arrangement which has produced much showtune singing and poolside debauchery. (Though no infected tattoos of tequila worms ... yet.) Watch now as Wilson performs an anonymously penned note left in their mailbox by a disgruntled, yet disarmingly funny, neighbor.

Wilson can next be seen in Bachelorette, opening Sept. 6, followed by Pitch Perfect, Universal's feature comedy about college a cappella groups, which opens Oct. 5.