Rep. Joe Walsh, CNN Anchor Get in Shouting Match Over Tammy Duckworth Comments (Video)

The Republican representative has taken heat for his comments about his challenger's military service, and tried to defend himself during an interview on the cable news network.

"Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh."

That was the near-rhythmic refrain that from Representative Joe Walsh, an incessant protest during an intense 12-minute interview with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield in which the mid-day anchor challenged the Republican for controversial comments he made about his Democratic challenger, Tammy Duckworth. Walsh caught flack after criticizing his opponent last Sunday for speaking too often of her military service to be considered a true hero; Duckworth served in Iraq, where she lost both her legs and the use of one arm in a helicopter crash.

Walsh has since said that Duckworth is a hero, but continues to criticize the frequency with which she speaks about her time in the military. His unwillingness to back down led to sparks in the interview with Banfield.

"I don't know about you Ashley, but hopefully voters think that every other candidate, tell us what you stand on the issues," Walsh said, as Banfield bandied a list of Duckworth's public statements. Walsh continued repetition of the anchor's name, accusing her of reading Duckworth's talking points and defending her.

The interview continued much in that vein; Banfield pulled up old Walsh tactics from as far back as 1996, while Walsh continued to challenge Duckworth to live debates and defended his actions. Banfield asked Walsh if he served, and when he said no, asked him how it wasn't honorable to talk about one's service; Walsh volleyed back, pointing out that she hadn't served, either.

Watch the exchange below, via Mediaite.