'Rescue Me' Series Finale: What the Viewers Are Saying

The mostly positive reactions range from "awesome ending" to "phenomenal," yet one person calls it "scatterbrained and uneven."

After seven seasons, Rescue Me came to an end Wednesday night.

SPOILER ALERT: The finale of the FX series -- timed to air just days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 -- saw star/co-creator Denis Leary's firefighter, Tommy Gavin, decide not to retire after trying his hand at being Mr. Mom.

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And, as Leary had promised in recent interviews, one character met his untimely death: Lt. Kenneth "Lou" Shea (John Scurti).

The final scene features Tommy yelling at a group of new firefighters, then driving away as the camera pans upward to show the Twin Towers-free Manhattan skyline.

After the episode aired, many viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts -- and they were mostly positive.

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Garrett Berner
Took the night off and relaxed on the couch with the wife for the Rescue Me finale. It didn't disappoint.

Duane Haines
@denisleary awesome ending of rescue me. I will miss the show. Hope you come up with another one just as great as rescue me.

Heather Yunger
I liked the ending for Rescue Me. I think it Ended better than I expected after the last couple seasons

Just finished Rescue Me finale. Has a show ever gone 7 seasons and been 4 seasons too long?

Rob Casasanta
"Rescue Me" was a good run... Thank you Dennis Leary

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Watching a long-form BMW ad masquerading as the series finale of Rescue Me.

Heather Yunger
@xokathryn_ love rescue me. It had gotten kind of bad, but I loved the ending. I have a slight Tv addiction.

Lee Morreale
Is was a great run for Rescue Me. We enjoyed it until the end. @denisleary

Jonathan Villanueva
ok i loved the way Rescue me Ended or is that just me

Dan B
Series Finale of Rescue Me was good!

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Kyle Hollenbeck
Great series finale of 'Rescue Me' really was able to capture the essence of the entire series in an episode ~ Farewell, you will be missed

@denisleary Fantastic job on Rescue Me, Denis. Great reference to Worcester Cold Storage, too. RIP cousin Tim, W6, and NYC343. We love u guys

Pat Darienzo
Rescue Me. Period. #bestshowever

Jason Janes
Awesome conclusion to Rescue Me! Great series, wish it was coming back but it ended great!

John Schoonover
@denisleary @adamferrara Thank you for Rescue Me. A great ending to a great show.

Brendan M Hayes
series finale rescue me,was #phenomenal

Joey Tayler
As great as it was, "Rescue Me" was often scatterbrained and uneven. Tonight's finale was both.