Retta Talks Involuntarily Performing Stand-Up During Couple's Insemination

Good Girls star Retta may have had her fair share of “crazy gigs” throughout her comedic career, but the actress shared arguably her most memorable one during her Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The comedian explained that she was friends with a couple who decided to have a surrogate, and through research, the husband found that if the woman is laughing during insemination there is a greater likelihood for conception.

Though Fallon was unable to refrain from laughter, Retta continued, “So he’s like ‘Do you think you could do stand-up at our insemination?’" “That’s what I was hoping you wouldn’t say,” Fallon quipped, with Retta adding that she told them she would only do it if her other stand-up friend joined her. “And Dana was like, ‘Bitch, did you really just put me in that position?’ So she said she would do it,” Retta recalled.

Retta, along with her friend, went to a Beverly Hills clinic to perform their comedy bit, only to find that that the husband prepared for a much grander spectacle. “I noticed he had a laptop set up. He has set up a music intro. Next thing you know, he comes out with a rainbow afro, like a clown afro.… He was opening the show,” Retta said.

“I thought I had bizarre gigs in my life, but this is unbelievable,” Fallon said, unable to comprehend the comedian’s story.

Retta also explained that the doctor didn’t find the comedy bit amusing, for it was a “trying time” in the couple’s lives. “I was like, ‘Brah this wasn’t me. This was the last gig I wanted,'” Retta said. Though awkward, Retta was happy to confirm that the insemination worked and the couple welcomed a child.