'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Talks Fire and Ice Party Death

"At a certain point, yes, dead is dead is dead," the actor tells THR.

There’s just one episode standing between fans and Revenge’s big story reveal that has been haunting viewers since the pilot: Who dies on the beach during Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) Fire and Ice engagement party?

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“No matter how it had played out it was going to be upsetting in some way, because we all are so close and we do love working with each other,” star Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan, tells The Hollywood Reporter how the cast is dealing with losing one of its own. “We each bring something different to this story, I think.”

“Ultimately we know that somebody was going to be there on the beach,” he continues. “The idea of Josh being there or whomever, no matter how you looked at it, was kind of distressing to all of us. I mean that’s the fun of a show like this too. Anything can happen to anyone. You may think you’re safe but the stakes are very, very high. So, when something bad happens it happens in spectacular fashion. That’s exactly the way that this played out.”

After viewing the pilot, it seemed that Daniel was definitely a goner. But, since then the series has thrown viewers plenty of curveballs. And many other characters are beginning to unravel while others have earned themselves a big target on their forehead.

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“Somebody is going down,” Mann says. “Again on Revenge you don’t know if you’ve ever really lost them. But at a certain point, yes, dead is dead is dead. We were very excited, but there’s some sadness there too, I’m not going to lie. I think that sets up the possibility that anything could happen and it may be what some people think. Actually, it’s also going to be what nobody’s thought. Let me be more vague with you. In a vague kind of way, those are my feelings about it. So, make of that what you will.”

You heard the man. Who do you think will be found dead on the beach? Sound off below.

Revenge returns with new episodes on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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