'Revenge' Boss Dishes on Series Finale: Nobody Gets Out Unscathed

Sunil Nayar talks to THR about what's ahead for Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson and whether anyone will ever find happiness in the Hamptons as he confirms that, yes, two characters will die in the final episode, titled "Two Graves."
ABC/Danny Feld
Emily VanCamp

What will happen to Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne and her nemesis, Victoria Grayson?

Viewers of the show will find out in Sunday night's series finale, which comes on the heels of some big revelations in this week's penultimate episode: Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is alive after all, and Margaux LeMarchal (Karine Vanasse) and Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) both helped her fake her own death and pin the blame on Emily (Emily VanCamp). (Margaux, in fact, was revealed to be the person in the black-hooded sweatshirt that previously attacked Victoria in a parking garage.)

The promo for the finale (watch it below) teases no shortage of drama as Amanda/Emily's quest for revenge comes to an end. Ahead of the series ender, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to showrunner Sunil Nayar about what's in store for the Hamptons' elite.

It seems like these last few episodes have been starting to tie up story lines. At what point during the season did you know there would be not be another one?

Honestly, it was right before they officially announced the show was ending. It was something we'd all been talking about for a while. [There is a] cliffhanger that could have spurred the show into a season five. We didn't believe we needed to end the story; it would have been a satisfying season finale. Officially the decision came down last week, but we [also] knew in our hearts that we wanted to end the story regardless of a fifth season. If there had been a fifth season, it would have set up a new Revenge.

What more can you say about the cliffhanger?

It's a nice moment that shows these things are never-ending. This is a world one enters and never fully leaves you. We wanted to explore that in the finale. What is the effect of this world on people if they manage to get out of it?

Does that cliffhanger have anything to do with the ABC pilot The Kingmakers, which is rumored to be a Revenge spinoff?

It has nothing to do with The Kingmakers.

It is confirmed that the pilot is a spinoff?

No, that rests solely in ABC's hands. I read the script and thought it was fantastic. The new guy they cast as the lead (Gus Halper), who plays a man who adopts a new identity to infiltrate a university in order to investigate his sister's death] is supposed to be fantastic. Fingers crossed — I hope it goes forward. ABC will decide if it is a spinoff.

Let's talk about that promo for the finale of Revenge. We saw Amanda pointing a gun at Victoria, and then later lying in a pool of blood; Jack and Amanda nearly making out, and then him lying in what looks like a hospital bed; and Louise stabbing Nolan? Safe to assume someone doesn't make it out alive?

I can say that "Two Graves" is the right title of the episode. We intentionally picked that to harken back to the Confucius quote that kicked off the whole show ("Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves"), and there will be two people in a grave before the end of the episode. The promo teases a sense of who that might be — or not.

Louise [Elena Satine] inadvertently found the black-hooded sweatshirt in Victoria's closet, leading her to suspect Emily was innocent and share her theory with Ben [Brian Hallisay]. Was that just a huge mistake on Victoria's part?

It wasn't her intention for anyone to find it. It was an oversight. She stowed it there after Margaux did what she did. Victoria figured Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) would do what she did — box up everything and give it away — and had no idea that Louise would go in there and find it.

We also see the return of Courtney Love's hitwoman, White Gold, who stabs Ben [Brian Hallisay] as Victoria looks on. Was that genuine surprise and fear on Victoria's part?

She did not expect any of that. She is hidden out in this house … and had no idea that Ben would track her down. White Gold had been tracking Ben, and Victoria was maybe not as stunned as Ben, but it was genuine.

Both Karine Vanasse and Josh Bowman [who played Daniel Grayson] recently told me didn't feel like the show could end in anything but tears or tragedy. Can anyone caught up in all this truly find happiness?

One of the things we've really talked about it, how does anyone get out of this? It doesn't feel legitimate for anyone get out of it unscathed; everybody will be scathed in the series finale.

How did the cast react to the news of the show's cancellation?

It's one of those things that a lot of us had started to make peace with. On Twitter, there is such an outpouring of love for the show, it would have been great to keep it going. They all loved working with each other. But from a creative standpoint, and an artist's standpoint, they're all happy with the way it ended up. 

Were you able to sort of have a farewell get-together with the cast, given that production had ended once news of the cancellation hit?

We had a couple of wrap parties to finish [the season] out. But people scattered to the winds as they finished up. The finale airs on Mothers' Day, and I'm taking my wife out; home life trumps work life.

The series finale of Revenge airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on ABC. Watch the promo below.