'Revenge' Boss Previews Finale: 'Deliciously Satisfying' (Q&A)

Sunil Nayar talks to THR about what's ahead for Emily and the Graysons and the big death he and star Emily VanCamp have been teasing for weeks.
Madeleine Stowe, left, and Emily VanCamp in the season-three finale.

Is Emily Thorne close to accomplishing what she set out to do three seasons ago?

In last week's episode of Revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) -- who's been working to avenge the death of her father, David Clarke (James Tupper) -- was revealed to be the person who kidnapped Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). After Jack (Nick Wechsler) let Charlotte go, she unwittingly played a key role in getting her father, Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny), to confess his role in the terrorist bombing (which he had pinned on David years earlier) on live TV. Visiting Conrad in jail, Emily told him that she was the one behind his downfall and informed him that Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was next on her list.

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Ahead of Sunday's season-three finale (the show was just renewed by ABC), The Hollywood Reporter talked to showrunner Sunil Nayar about the events leading up to the finale, what's ahead for Emily and the Graysons, and the big death he and VanCamp have been teasing for weeks.

In last week's episode, Emily said, "I don't know who Amanda Clarke is anymore." Has she completely lost herself as a person?

She had to leave that girl behind so completely to get what she wants, and I think that is what we wanted to get to at the end of this season -- to really examine that idea and for her to start realigning who she wanted to be before things went horribly wrong for her.

Who is Kurt Renner (Linc Hand)? What is his role in all this? Why does Victoria want Charlotte to receive letters purported to be from David Clarke, her dead father?

Essentially, this shows how Victoria really wants to draw out [the truth] from Emily. It's a great cat-and-mouse game she has with Emily. She wanted to draw Emily into a trap, and the only way to make sure she could was with Charlotte, who has always been innocent in all this. She wanted to see how connected Emily is to David and make her [wonder] if he's really alive.

Jack catches Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Emily kissing at the end of the episode. So was Aiden lying about having to let Emily go so Jack would help with the Charlotte kidnapping plan, or did he really mean it in the moment?

He was trying to get Jack to help him out. There was some deviousness on his part; he was pulling on Jack's heartstrings.

After so many years of hiding the truth, why did Conrad finally confess all to Charlotte? Why not keep lying?

I think because Charlotte came in with the knowledge [of what he'd done], and he'd never been called out by her; even though she was not his real daughter, he'd loved her as his own from the day she was born. And so to be judged by her is exactly the kind of thing that Conrad can't accept. He is an evil man, but with good intentions, oddly, and when being questioned by his family -- and one who wasn't blood, but was the one for whom he was going to confess [when he believed her to be kidnapped] -- it broke him.

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Daniel told Margaux (Karine Vanasse) that he believes Emily and Conrad conspired to kill Pascal (Olivier Martinez). Does he truly believe this?

I think he really does believe it. He knows they had a connection, from the very beginning of the season, when he looks through the events of what happened, he thinks that Emily is complicit. But we see Daniel also has a new problem in the season finale that's going to throw a wrench into his plans.

At this point, does Victoria know Emily's true identity?

She's getting really close. She has a strong suspicion, and now she's working on confirming that theory.

Visiting Conrad in prison, Emily said she had concocted the plan "in memory of David and Amanda Clarke." Does Conrad suspect Emily is really Amanda?

No, he doesn't, but obviously he's blown away when he learns that Emily is behind it. He certainly doesn't think Emily is there to post bail. He knows she's on the side of Amanda and David but doesn't have a sense of who she really is.

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The Graysons are always able to get out of any predicament, it seems. But is Conrad in jail for the long haul?

I think you'll see that Conrad is not done yet. He always has another plan up his sleeve.

Do we see Victoria get her comeuppance in the finale?

You will see the most deliciously satisfying season finale. Victoria and Emily are two trains running straight toward each other in an attempt to unmask and undo each other. It will come to a head in a way that will satisfy fans.

You've teased a major death in the finale, and Emily VanCamp has said in interviews she was "sobbing" over the death while shooting that episode. What can you say about this?

The death is moving, and the way it happens is heartbreaking. It's definitely a loss to both the world of the show, and the show itself.

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What else can you tell us about the finale?

I just think that the audience, having seen [last week's] episode, they know we are willing to go the places they are dying for us to get to. We get to those places in the finale but in ways you wouldn't expect, and we leave season four wide open for the rejuvenation of the show with all of its delicious darkness.

Revenge's season-three finale airs at 10 p.m. Sunday on ABC.