'Revenge': Victoria Sets Her Backup Plan in Motion During 'Confidence'

Revenge Confidence Episodic Vancamp - H 2012

Revenge Confidence Episodic Vancamp - H 2012

Ignoring for a moment that the nefarious white-haired man (James Morrison) seems to have finally bitten the dust and that the above photo seems to imply Aiden (Barry Sloane) might have a similar fate at the hands of Emily (Emily VanCamp), Sunday's episode of Revenge primarily concerns itself with how Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) spins her surprise resurrection.

The Hollywood Reporter was on set when the ABC series filmed the press conference that sees the antagonist's official return to the public eye after faking her own death. And while we can't reveal what she says, we can promise it isn't warmly received by the rest of her clan.

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"Confidence," no doubt a reference to the resurgent Victoria, is the How Stella Got Her Groove Back moment of Revenge's second season -- if Stella was in the Hamptons instead of Jamaica and a total schemer. So in the interest of semi-disclosure, here are five big developments to expect from Sunday's episode.

On the mend: Though she's quick to get her latest plan in motion, Victoria does not step out in public immediately after last week's massive beating she secretly took at the hands of Conrad (Henry Czerny). The bruises and bloodshot eyes are all faded or concealed, with only a solitary stitch on her forehead when she takes the stage in front of a slew of reporters.

An unlikely alliance: Part of keeping up appearances means that, for at least the time being, Victoria and Conrad are staying the course with their unhappy marriage. Sure, she tried to have him indicted for terrorism and he knowingly blew up a plane she was supposed to be on, but think of all the history...

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Dirty laundry: A very big skeleton gets jettisoned from the closet -- think last season bombshells -- and the one pushing it out may surprise you.

The kids aren't alright: After several more blows to the already waning confidence in her family, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) gets the short end of another stick thanks to her mom's master plan. Daniel's (Joshua Bowman) relief that she's back from the grave might not last that long either.

A more unlikely alliance: The biggest shocker of "Confidence" is the latest pawn employed by Victoria. This one will have a significant effect on the rest of the season.