'Revenge' Star Connor Paolo on Daniel's Trial: 'Someone's Gonna Have Their Life Destroyed' (Video)

After months of anticipation, Revenge fans will finally go inside the courtroom for the trial of Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) -- where Connor Paolo’s character Declan Porter will take the stand as one of the key witnesses in the murder of Tyler Barrol (Ashton Holmes).

“Someone’s gotta go under the bus,” Paolo told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent visit to the THR Cover Lounge. “He has to decide whether it’s going to be his brother, his girlfriend or her brother. No matter what he does, whether he keeps silent, whether he speaks up, and regardless of what he says, someone’s going down.”

Declan is one of the few witnesses to the beachfront murder at Daniel and Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) engagement party, and while he didn’t see the gunshots that killed Tyler, he did scope out a mysterious hooded figure near the body. As the only sober witness on the beach that day, Declan was also forced to poke holes in his girlfriend Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) statements, which pinned the blame on his own brother, Jack (Nick Wechsler).

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“It does fall within his hands to choose kind of when and how and who [is blamed], which is a massive responsibility,” Paolo said. “But someone’s gonna have their life destroyed.”

With five episodes left in the soapy drama’s freshman season, Paolo promised that fans can expect closure from the trial.

“There’s closure, and then there’s disappointment, and then there’s satisfaction,” he explained. “Regardless of what you want, yeah, there’s a resolution. It’s not what you‘d expect it to be.”

“It’s the Graysons,” he continued. “What they want gets done. I mean, maybe not in the prettiest package or the cleanest way possible -- they do have to go somewhat outside the box in terms of their thinking.”

Viewers can also expect to see more of Amanda Clarke (Margarita Levieva), who is one of the few keepers of Emily’s secret identity. Though she disappeared the night of the murder, Amanda will definitely be returning to (hopefully) shed light on the situation.

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“We’d stage protests if she didn’t [return],” Paolo said. “I mean look, she left mysteriously in a car with Takeda, with the Japanese godfather, so to not have her return after spending a little time with the dude with the rock, I think, would be a serious injustice.”

For more from THR’s chat with Paolo, watch the video above.

ABC has yet to make any renewal announcements this year, but with decent ratings and a cult-like following, Revenge seems a shoo-in for a second season pickup. Tune in Wednesday at 10 p.m., when the drama is set to begin unfolding in the courtroom.