'Revenge' Boss on Season Finale's Big Shockers and What's Next (Q&A)

Showrunner Sunil Nayar talks to THR about all the twists in Sunday night's episode.
Madeleine Stowe, left, and Emily VanCamp in the season-three finale.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday night's season finale of Revenge.]

Emily finally has what she wants -- at least, it appears that way.

Early on in the episode, Emily's (Emily VanCamp) love, Aiden (Barry Sloane), was killed in cold blood by Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), who was seeking her own revenge for what she believed to be Emily's role in the death of her fiance, Pascal (Olivier Martinez). The finale ended with Emily getting payback by having Victoria -- who now knows the truth about Emily's identity -- committed as she insisted Emily was, in fact, actually Amanda Clarke.

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But the biggest shocker in an episode full of twists was that David Clarke (James Tupper) is actually alive -- and appeared to have killed Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) after the former was released from prison on the sly by a security guard.

Showrunner Sunil Nayar talks to The Hollywood Reporter about what's next for Emily and Victoria, whether Conrad is really dead, what David Clarke's return means and why Aiden had to die.

Why kill Aiden?

As we told the story, and also realized the idea of David Clarke taking down Conrad, we wanted to have a significant victory at the end of the season and some audience satisfaction. Clearing her father's name ends a bit of Emily's revenge strategy, but [killing Aiden renews her quest] for revenge in a very present sense. She was a girl when her father was taken away, but this gives us a fresh sense of revenge, and the audience gets to feel it in the moment. When you watch what happens [to Aiden], it's horrifying and devastating and allows the audience into the mind-set of someone who wants revenge. She can't believe [Victoria] killed Aiden, and she wants her to die and suffer. The conflict with Victoria is the same thing: Emily took someone away from her. Season four will feel more in the present [ABC just renewed the show], and you'll feel these emotions along with the characters and know what drives them. Sadly, Aiden [was a casualty of the storytelling]; we had a wonderful opportunity to flesh out his story … and viewers got to understand him as a human being beyond the elegance and the James Bond kind of guy we've seen.

What does his death mean for Jack and Emily's relationship?

You're seeing them getting much closer. In the penultimate episode, you see there are still heartstrings when it comes to Emily. He's cared about her his entire life. In season three, their journey was a great one. He almost [inadvertently caused] her death, and the guilt from that brought them together. They are friends, but there is a sense that there's something more there. It's something we'll take our time with and take care of, but their connection is undeniable.

After finding Aiden dead, Emily says she would have given everything up had she known what was going to happen. Is she even capable of giving it all up?

That's a great question, and exactly the kind of thing we're looking forward to learning in season four. What's interesting is to see what this loss means for her -- will she continue on the path that led to the death of someone she loves, or will she continue to avenge that death?

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Speaking of deaths, is Conrad really dead?

I mean, we see him dying, but that's a question we'll look to answer in the season premiere. It doesn't look like he's going to do very well.

And it was really David Clarke who stabbed him?

That's David. The mind-blower is, where has David Clarke been and what does this mean? This is not a man who is about forgiveness; he's even more hard-core about revenge. Emily would never kill somebody. She has no idea of who this man is, and Emily will have to reconcile the memories of someone she loves in different ways.

Jack was taken into custody for Charlotte's [Christa B. Allen] kidnapping on her tip. Why didn't she confront Jack instead of going to the police? Why was she so willing to believe it was him?

The thing is, she's not willing to believe it. The last look she has is an expression of disbelief. But when she feels Jack's grip on her shoulder, it takes her back to the memory of when she was let go. She's praying she doesn't feel the same tear in his seat as when she was [being driven] to be released. But all she knows is she can't trust anybody … and to Charlotte, it's an undeniable truth that Jack had something to do with it.

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What's next for Victoria? How long will she stay in the psych ward?

Victoria has taken herself to places she never thought. She shot Helen Crowley in season two, and with Aiden it was so much more primal and emotionally motivated. And she thinks Emily has won the battle, but not the war. She loathes this woman. She took Aiden out for [her belief that Emily] took Pascal away from her. This is a girl she helped to create, and she is responsible for all the sadness this girl went through. It's a great struggle for her: She's sitting on top of a secret, which got her committed, and she'll have to [act like it's not the truth] even though she knows it's the truth. Does she want to take this girl out, or does she feel she owes her an apology for what happened to her father. It's going to be a great struggle for her.

Margaux's [Karine Vanasse] heretofore-unseen brother, Gideon (Daniel Zovatto), returns, but we soon find out he has ulterior motives. How will that play into what's coming ahead?

We're still figuring out what we'll be able to do with Gideon. He brings such intriguing energy, and is such a wonderful actor.

What else can you tell us about season four?

I think people who haven't watched the show will have the opportunity to start watching without being caught up on three years of deep-rooted mythology. And for the people who have been watching, the show will be rejuvenated, and the audience will love it.