'Revenge' Deleted Scene: Ashley Suspects Conrad of Bombing His Own Building (Exclusive Video)

Conrad Grayson is even more determined to bring Jack Porter down.

Revenge viewers will recall that in the season two finale, which aired on ABC in May, a bomb exploded on the top floor of Grayson Global -- at first appearing that Jack (Nick Wechsler) was inside.

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Turns out, he wasn't -- but his brother, Declan (Connor Paolo), was and later died from his injuries -- and, in fact, Conrad (Henry Czerny) knew about the bomb in advance.

As seen in this deleted scene, which occurs after the bombing but a day before the election in which Conrad is elected New York's new governor, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) grows suspicious of the Grayson patriarch's involvement in the tragedy.

"Just out of curiosity, why did you tell the press that it was [his son] Daniel's [Joshua Bowman] good fortune to get everybody out before the explosion?" Ashley asks him.

"Is there an accusation working behind that question?" he replies.

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She then goes on to tell him she overheard his phone call to Daniel, where Conrad "insisted he get everyone out."

"You either misheard or misunderstood," he replies. "I merely wanted my son beside me for the speech."

He then goes on to tell Ashley he was "worried he might have had a hand in today's events." When Ashley expresses incredulity -- especially given that his own brother died as a result of the explosion -- Conrad, ever the schemer, replies of the widower: "Oh, love and grief can do strange things to a man."

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the deleted scene, which will be among the extras included on the season two DVD box set hitting retailers Tuesday.

Revenge's third season premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, on ABC.