'Revenge': Karine Vanasse on Margaux's Plan to Bring Down Emily

Revenge Epitaph ABC - H 2015

Revenge Epitaph ABC - H 2015

Call it Margaux's Revenge.

After the death of her beau Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) earlier this season on ABC's Revenge, Margaux LeMarchal (Karine Vanasse) has made it her mission to bring down Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

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Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) recently revealed to Margaux — who is pregnant with Daniel's baby, and Victoria's first grandchild — that Daniel died while trying to save Emily, whom Victoria also revealed to Margaux to be the real Amanda Clarke. Later deciding that Emily was to blame for all of her and the Grayson family's woes, including the death of her own father, Margaux hires the same private investigator her father used to look into Emily's past. She then brings up her plan to Victoria, who advises her to make sure she has solid proof before taking action.

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Vanasse to get more on Margaux's plans and what's ahead for the Hamptons elite.

Earlier this season, it looked like the show was going to focus on Victoria's revenge against Emily for getting her committed. But now it's really all about Margaux's plan. Has Victoria given up her fight?

Daniel's death shook things up so much on the show. After Daniel's death, it really made sense [for Margaux to want revenge]. She lost everything, and based on what Victoria told her, she also lost her father because of Emily. Now she's going to have this child, and Daniel won't be there. She's on her own, and she knows it, and she feels something fishy with Emily. Her intuition has been telling her something is not quite right, and then Victoria told her, "Well, here's the truth..." She's filled with passion and emotion, and Margaux can be quite reactive. She's a strong woman and she believes in truth. She's a journalist at heart, and she wants Emilly to be exposed. She wants Daniel's name to be cleared, and it's something she'll fight for.

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It's interesting that Emily was actually not even responsible for Pascal's (Olivier Martinez's) death, and wasn't the one who pulled the trigger on Daniel. Is there a chance Margaux will find out the truth? What is the likelihood she'd even believe it?

What she knows now is that Emily is covering up her real identity, and for the moment that's enough to kind of confirm that she's hiding something, so Margaux is not questioning if what Victoria told her is true. Margaux has a mother-daughter relationship with Victoria. Margaux has always been impressed with how Victoria stands up to very powerful men. She doesn't question Victoria. And in the next episode, Victoria wants to start a Daniel Grayson Foundation, but Margauz tells her, "Wait, if we don't clear his name, it's going to be based on the name of a guy who assaulted [his ex-wife]. That doesn't work. It doesn't make sense." She wants to honor him, but to honor that means they have to expose the truth. Emily and Margaux are more alike than we might think at first, and what's really fun is to see them together. They haven't had that many scenes together, but in the next episode they have one. Margaux is new to this game. She doesn't hide when she's pissed. She's not as good as Victoria yet. It's a new game for her. Actually it's not a game; it's something she believes she has to do. The dynamic between Emily and Margaux is much different than between Margaux and Victoria.

Margaux clearly has a lot of resources and money and power, but Emily has been doing this for years now. Is she any match for Emily?

I think at first Margaux thinks only based on the facts she is going to be able to use her publications to expose Emily. That legally she is gonig to achieve what she wants to do. But as she goes on, yes she realizes that maybe the facts won't be enough. But Emily is too good at this game. Maybe she'll have target and use other people around Emily. It's very conflicting for Margaux.

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Does that include possibly using (ex-boyfriend) Jack (Nick Wechsler)?

Maybe. Margaux knows that Jack is a good guy. Their relationship ended mostly because Daniel told Margaux that Jack had something with Emily, and he was lying to Margaux, but deep down she knows Jack is not a bad guy. She is not a mean person; she's a sensitive person. But things are going to be difficult for Jack.

It's interesting that Victoria can let go of her anger against Emily. But does Victoria actually stay out of Margaux's plan for revenge?

I think that even if Victoria is saying, "Don't do it; it's too dangerous," that's somehow the opposite of what Margaux knows of Victoria. Victoria is no the type of person to say, "Let it go. Let it pass." They have a scene together in the next episode where Margaux is telling her, "I know you. I don't understand why you are not reacting." I think that even if Victoria is saying, "you shouldn't head in that direction," Margaux still feels her support.

Margaux earlier this season also had it out for Louise (Elena Satine). Has moved past her anger with her?

Certainly, Margaux won't forget about it. Now [Emily and Nolan] know that Louise is not really crazuy and was drugged, but Margaux doesn't know that. She's not in the bubble of people who know that Louise is more sane than insane. But Louise was mean to Margaux; she almost killed her! But who doesn't almost get killed on this show? [laughs]

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When I spoke to Joshua Bowman a few weeks ago, he said that the series will probably "end in tears." What are your thoughts? Will there ever be happiness in the Hamptons?

People get very emotional on this show; they get on roller coasters. I think he's right: I don't see a happy ending. All of this revenge, and these feelings involved in going against one another, it's such a big tragedy. I don't think it could end in a big laugh; that would be strange. It has to be a tragedy; it already is.

Revenge airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on ABC. For more about the show, click here.