'Revenge': Who Died in the Midseason Finale?

Revenge S4 Midseason Finale - Emily VanCamp - H 2014
Courtesy of ABC

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sunday's episode of Revenge, "Atonement."]

Another day, another death in Emily Thorne's world.

Over the course of four and a half seasons, the denizens of the Hamptons have dealt with the deaths of Declan, Amanda, Aiden and Conrad, to name a few. ABC's Revenge has teased another major killing all week, and Sunday night's midseason finale delivered by offing one of its main stars.

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The most recent victim? Shocker: It was Daniel Grayson.

Here's how it went down:

Kate (Courtney Ford) is revealed, in fact, not to be an FBI agent. Emily's (Emily VanCamp) suspicion that Kate is working for the mysterious Malcolm Black — to whom her father, David Clarke (James Tupper), owes some sort of debt — is confirmed when Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) all but accuses her of it. And Kate doesn't disagree.

Victoria then not-so-subtly suggests that Kate go after Emily, and in exchange for Victoria's silence on the truth, she asks that Kate leave the happy couple be. Kate later tells Emily she knows she's actually Amanda Clarke and that Malcolm is coercing her into working for him, just as he did with David. "He has my mother," she says.

They agree to meet later at Emily's house, and Kate tells her David stole all of Malcolm's money, which now belongs to Emily. Kate's plan? To transfer all of Emily's money into an account to trap Malcolm. But Emily isn't buying what Kate is selling. The truth is, Kate is Malcolm's daughter. A physical fight ensues in which both women end up falling over the same railing over Victoria once pushed a pregnant Fake Amanda.

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Mid-fight, a newly repentant Daniel (Joshua Bowman) shows up, and in what turns out to be his final act, he tries to save Emily, getting shot by Kate in the process. The ex-spouses' final exchange:

Emily: "You're going to be OK."

Daniel: "Stop lying to me."

Emily: "I want you to know that it wasn't all a lie. Not with you."

Daniel: "I know."

And Daniel's arc from optimistic, naive student to accomplice in his family's wrongdoings to remorseful dad-to-be comes to an end.

What does this mean for the Clarkes and the Graysons going forward? The preview teases Victoria's grief as she tells David that her son died protecting his daughter.

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Conrad is alive — at least, in flashback form

The Grayson patriarch (Henry Czerny), who died in last season's finale, popped up in a sequence set in 2008 in which he advised son Daniel not to testify on behalf of a girl who was accosted by someone he knew. "Why is my future more important than hers?" asked Daniel, still in his naive stage, to which Dad replies that he shouldn't waste time helping someone who is no better than an insect. In a second flashback, Conrad intercepts Daniel as he's about to enter the courthouse. "Siding with that girl, wronged as she may be, sends a message to your peers. These are people who one day may hold your future in their hands," Conrad advises him. "Do you really feel you can succeed in the real world based on your own ingenuity and talent? Because I couldn't. … Ask yourself, is this the cause you really want to risk everything on?" Daniel hops into Conrad's car and leaves. Thinking about this incident is what later spurs Daniel to turn his life around.

Victoria convinces Margaux to stay with Daniel

Margaux wants nothing to do with Daniel after having revealed she is pregnant with his baby. "I can't trust the man you've become — not when someone else's life depends on it," she says. After confessing her secret to Victoria, Margaux (Karine Vanasse) is encouraged by the grandmother-to-be to stay with Daniel; after all, the baby needs a dad. "But what if I don't love him anymore?" Margaux asks. Replies Victoria: "Your tears suggest otherwise." When Victoria later attempts to have a heart-to-heart with Daniel, he expresses remorse at all the bad he's done alongside his family, including shooting Emily. He goes on to scold her for lying to David and manipulating situations to suit her needs. "If I get the chance, I'm going to teach my child to be better than that," he says. "I'm done running. I hope you are too." Margaux also realizes she does want to be with Daniel.

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David plans to poison someone, and it's …

After obtaining a substance said to "take down a 200-pound man" with no trace, David's victim is later revealed to be … Victoria. David puts the poison in her wineglass, and she nearly drinks it before having a moment of conscience — thanks to Daniel's words — and confesses she took David's laptop and gave it to Conrad, for the first time admitting she helped put David in prison. "Why are you telling me now?" "Because I love you." Victoria admits she lost some trust in David once she realized he had lied about his wife being dead. "I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I'm asking for it," she said through tears. Before she can revisit the wineglass, she hears the shots that will kill Daniel.

Nolan and Louise team up

In one of the less fleshed-out storylines, Nolan asks Louise (Elena Satine) to co-host a bash at his newly acquired club to basically "assuage his guilt," in Louise-speak, for conspiring with Margaux to take her down. His intention? To become the hottest piece of gossip in the Hamptons. Realizing that Louise plans to leave the Hamptons following Margaux's damning article about her family, Nolan convinces her to stay. Looks like the Hamptons elite will have a lot more to talk about than just Nolan and Louise come January, when the show returns.

What did you think about the midseason finale of Revenge? Were you satisfied with Daniel's arc? What do you think this means for Victoria and David's relationship? Sound off in the comments below.