'Revenge' Season 4 Preview: "What Goes Around, Comes Around"


10 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28 (ABC)

Where has David Clarke been all this time — and why is he back? Is Conrad Grayson really dead? Will Victoria remain institutionalized? And what happens to Jack Porter following his arrest?

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Revenge fans have been waiting three months to get answers to some of those questions, and Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack, promises that some of those answers will come in Sunday night's season-four premiere. He talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the fates of several characters and what's in store this season.

Last we saw Jack, Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen) had mistakenly identified him as her kidnapper, and he was under arrest. Where do we find him as the season begins?

If you've seen the promos, they indicate Jack's new position in life. This season, Jack becomes a cop. He's never charged with the crime, but he does decide to become a cop this year because he dealt with so much injustice and awful things that happened to him and the people he loves. He sort of felt powerless to stop any of it; he's finally trying to balance that out.

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So who's running the bar?

For now, he's doing both jobs, but that's unrealistic. Presumably that will not be sustained. He's doing more cop work than bar work. … Jack's always been a separate thing [at the bar], like he purposely represents this innocent youth, this side of Emily that we only get a little reminder of. We just occasionally check in with this guy working at this bar — Emily (Emily VanCamp) or Nolan (Gabriel Mann) coming in to see him or someone coming in to f— him over. Now he's getting out of the bar and will be more involved with the storyline. He's also trying to do a little of what Emily is doing, but from a legal angle — he wants to right the wrongs, to see justice done, but he doesn't want to do anything illegal like she is willing to do.

Brian Hallisay and Nick Wechsler (Photo courtesy of ABC)

Now that Aiden (Barry Sloane) is dead, what does this mean for Emily and Jack's relationship?

It does mean that there's room for it. But the wound is so fresh, that if we expect anything to happen anytime soon, we're kidding ourselves. His anger has subsided entirely toward her for f—ing his life up, and now what we're left with is "Yeah, you're it for me." He's just gotta wait and see if she will ever be interested in him or ready. There is potential but also an obstacle in that she's too messed up about the other guy.

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But Jack and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) are completely through.

Yeah, that's over.

How does the revelation about David Clarke (James Tupper) affect Jack's storyline?

We don't know yet what David's intentions are, and everything is trying to figure that out. He seems kind of fragile and broken, and I think Jack is sort of feeling trapped again. At first, it's exciting to see Emily's father return because Jack knows the significance — he knew the guy — of that return for her and what that means for her. But she isn't ready right away to tell him who she is, and to have to hide that is difficult for Jack. If he turns out to be dangerous, he could be a danger to Jack, especially with him being a cop.

Have the writers told you anything about his intentions?

They haven't said anything.

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Many viewers were left questioning if, in fact, Conrad (Henry Czerny) is really dead given his ability to get out of so many predicaments in the past.

I’m pretty sure he's dead. We have to actually have some consequences for what happens on the show. We've told the "just kidding, they're alive" too many times, and this is such a big one. If we f— the audience over on this one, I think they never trust us again. I think he actually has to be dead.

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As evil as he was, fans still seemed to enjoy watching Conrad — kind of a "love to hate him" character.

He was magnetic. He was really compelling and interesting to watch.

Madeleine Stowe (Photo courtesy of ABC)

So what's next for Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)?

She is in the mental institution, but it's a TV show, so she won't always be there. At a certain point, when she gets out, she shakes things up. As you may have surmised from our ads, what goes around, comes around. It's kind of like Emily has completed her revenge, so this season Victoria's been plotting while in the mental institution to get back at Emily and those she loves. And we don't know the truth yet about her dad and why he's back [Victoria had an affair with David Clarke before he was wrongly imprisoned]. So was everything Emily did heartbreakingly in vain, or was it a good tribute to a now-broken man? We don't know. Victoria returns with her claws out, and it's kind of her revenge.

Revenge airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on ABC. Watch a sneak peek of Sunday night's episode below.