'Revenge' Star Emily VanCamp on Her New Series: 'There's Quite a Few Takedowns' (Video)


Emily VanCamp returns Wednesday with the new ABC thriller, Revenge. It takes the novel, The Count of Monte Christo, and transports its intrigue to The Hamptons. The actress plays the mysterious Emily Thorne who has returned to exact payback on those who had wronged her and her family.

TV REVIEW: 'Revenge'

Television viewers last saw VanCamp as Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters where her departure in its last season generated plenty of headlines. “It was a decision based on the fact that I felt creatively unfulfilled,” VanCamp, 25, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“I felt my character had run its course,” she continues. “And it was time to move on.”

The actress tells us that she really had no idea what would fulfill her until about three to four months after leaving the Walker Family drama when she read the script for Revenge.

“I couldn’t have done this if I was still on Brothers & Sisters,” she says. “This has just brought so much joy to my life. I’m loving doing this show. I’m so happy.”

“I knew that I was ready to go back to work when I read Revenge,” she goes on to say. “Because I was so excited about it. It sparked something in me that I hadn’t felt in a long time.”

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VanCamp’s new series introduces us to a dark, moody version of The Hamptons, which ends up being the perfect setting for Emily to unfurl her plans. Her endgame? Taking down the society’s queen bee, Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe).

“In the first bunch of episodes,” she explains. “There’s quite a few takedowns, because she’s sort of setting up shop and setting this all up perfectly for the ultimate revenge, which is obviously Victoria. That’s who her biggest beef is with.”

“It’s going to be very satisfying for the viewers every week,” she adds.

Somehow, Emily is able to infiltrate the beach’s upper crust society and part of the fun for viewers watching Revenge is learning just how she did it and why this young woman feels no guilt about ruining her enemies.

“I do know a lot about her history and I think we’ll delve into that as well in flashbacks,” VanCamp teases. “Where she’s been, how’s she’s trained over the years.”

Watch our full interview with VanCamp above.

Revenge debuts Wednesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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