'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Talks Wardrobe Thievery and Finding Nolan's Mojo

Gabriel Mann Revenge Wedding Suit - P 2013

Gabriel Mann Revenge Wedding Suit - P 2013

ABC's Revenge made good on a season-long promise of catching up with its ominous flash-forwards during Sunday's episode. And unlike last year's midseason reveal -- the one that sorted out the events of the pilot -- "Sacrifice" may add even more to the juggling act.

"As soon as we tie up a loose end on the show, we tend to tangle up a whole bunch more," series star Gabriel Mann (Nolan) told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's basically a springboard that sets us off on hyper-speed for the rest of the season. A lot of characters are irrevocably changed."

And that might have something to do with one of them being dead. Amanda Clarke (Margarita Levieva), the reformed stripper with the fake identity who quite foretellingly never became a series regular despite a massive story arc, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic alongside her namesake boat.

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"The amount of lies and deceit and betrayal have to take a toll at a point and cause some kind of physiological damage," says Mann. "Every one of our characters is about to go into damage control."

Nolan, for his part, seems to have the least amount of blood on his hands. And though he won't likely have the guilt of Emily (Emily VanCamp) in the wake of Amanda's death, he will be party to her renewed quest for payback. (The next episode, scheduled for March 11, is called "Retribution.")

"I think the audience can look forward to the return of Emily and Nolan with a vengeance," he says. "It's about starting to figure out how deep the Graysons' villainy goes. In some ways, I think they were humanized in the first half, specifically Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), but things are taking a really nasty turn."

Mann thinks that with all of the high-stakes drama, Nolan isn't really paying attention to the deceitful love triangle that came his character's way this season -- but that's a big consideration for him in the long term.

"Nolan is really about finding love and finding a place of belonging," Mann tells THR. "I think he'd be happy in a studio apartment somewhere with the love of his choice -- whether that be Emily, some girl, some guy or maybe all of the above. I would say the only disappointment that he'd have would be not being able to afford his wardrobe anymore."

Speaking of Nolan's wardrobe, Mann is thrilled that his alter ego's taste-pushing ensembles have only gotten more audacious in the second season. Case in point: the paisley blazer he wore while officiating Amanda and Jack's (Nick Wechsler) wedding.

"The wardrobe in the show is very much a collaboration between myself and costume designer Jill Ohanneson, but she is the one who goes out and finds these things," says Mann. "Generally, if there's going to be a white paisley jacket to be worn, I'm going to go right for it."

Mann stresses that he would never duplicate a complete Nolan Ross outfit, but he does frequently want to pocket some of his character's sartorial entries.

"At this point, the only thing I have managed to steal from work is a pair of fingerless gloves that Nolan wore as Burt the Cable Guy in season one," he tells THR. "I did that just for riding my bicycle. By the time Jill reads this, I'm sure she'll come knocking on my door."

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