'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Teases Upcoming Nolan Flashbacks, Grandpa Grayson's Visit

Gabriel Mann Headshot Revenge 2011
Rick Rowell/ABC

When viewers first met the socially awkward, though snappy dressing Nolan Ross on ABC’s freshman drama, Revenge, many didn’t know what to make of him. Since then, the character has become pivotal to Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) plans and a fan favorite. No one seems more surprised by that development than the actor who plays Nolan, Emily’s closest confidante (if such a thing exists).

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“I was playing what ultimately was interesting and fun for me,” Gabriel Mann tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Although I didn’t know if that would translate to the audience at large, I hoped it would. Having worked for many years prior and having people like you in a project that you’re in is cool. But, it’s satisfying on a much deeper level when you really are having the time of your life. I guess that’s infectious. It comes through and maybe that’s what people respond to, as well.”

So far, Nolan has been the center of much fan speculation from probable romantic entanglements to the possibility of being Emily’s sibling (“Charlotte [Christa B. Allen] took that prize for the moment,” the actor jokes).

Yet, the biggest mystery of all for Nolan is the relationship he held with Emily’s father, David Clarke. We know he had something to do with helping Nolan to establish his business, but his dedication to the man seems far more deeply rooted than monetary gain. That relationship will apparently be revealed at some point this season.

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Revenge ABC "Perception"“We have actually shot some flashback stuff with Nolan and David,” Mann says. “I think as we got more information about the fate of the series, we pushed pause on that for a minute because we’ve got some time to tell this now. We don’t have to tell it all immediately. I think they’re waiting for the moment that it will be most effective in terms of serving the larger story to start to reveal that information. But I can tell you, absolutely yes, you’re going to find out a lot more about that. That’s going to change a lot of things, too.”

When Revenge returns with its new episode on Wednesday, yet another paternal relationship will be explored when Knots Landing and 24 star William Devane guest stars as Grandpa Grayson. And while one would think that he would align himself with his son, the patriarch is actually Victoria Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe) guest.

“As everybody does, Grandpa Grayson has his own agenda, too,” Mann says. “Scandal is not something he takes lightly. Some of the information that has been revealed lately does not really jive with his view of Grayson Global. So, he’s got a very pivotal role coming up. I think as Conrad and Victoria’s divorce starts to twist and become darker and more complex, the addition of adding him into the mix will complicate everything. I think you will start to find out more in terms of the Charlotte backstory and with the David Clarke and Victoria stuff.” 

Revenge returns with new episodes on Wednesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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