'Revolution,' 'New Normal' and 'Nashville': Which New TV Shows Are Dominating Social Media Conversation?

KEY SHOW TO WATCH: "Revolution"

NBC is giving its most valuable post-"Voice" time slot to a serialized, high-concept big bet from producer J.J. Abrams. Will it be a "Lost" or another "Undercovers" or "Alcatraz?" 

With the new fall television season approaching, will the buzz that several freshman series are getting online translate into ratings?

It's impossible to determine a show's viewership based on activity through social media, but just weeks out, several new broadcast entries have been gaining momentum on Facebook and Twitter.

Based on publicly available data up until Aug. 29, six upcoming shows -- three dramas and three comedies -- are in the top 10 with the most Facebook likes and most Twitter followers: Revolution, Go On, Nashville, The Mindy Project, 666 Park Avenue and The New Normal. An interesting observation to note: Three networks -- ABC, Fox and NBC -- are represented with the six shows.

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Several new offerings, like New Normal, Mindy Project and Go On, may have received early bumps with sneak previews of their respective first episodes. Go On's early preview bowed to 16.1 million viewers Aug. 8 and during NBC's Olympics coverage, high-concept drama Revolution was heavily promoted. (NBC did a similar rollout with Animal Practice, airing the first episode following the Olympics closing ceremony.)

And New Normal, especially, has been feeling the heat: from the One Million Moms group to a Utah station KSL-TV refusing to air the show when it debuts this fall. Series star Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage against KSL-TV, calling its refusal to broadcast New Normal "censorship."

It's interesting to note that 666 Park Avenue and Nashville are getting online buzz -- even without the help of early pilot previews.

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It remains to be seen how much of a measuring stick this will be, but it is a way to show which series are receiving attention.

Here are the top 15 freshman series on Facebook (as of Aug. 29), ranked by fans who have 'Liked' them:

1. Revolution (NBC) - 97,507
2. Go On (NBC) - 88,119
3. Nashville (ABC) - 67,089
4. Vegas (CBS) - 60,190
5. 666 Park Avenue (ABC) - 56,289
6. The New Normal (NBC) - 40,340
7. Animal Practice (NBC) - 34,595
8. Guys With Kids (NBC) - 34,220
9. Beauty and the Beast (CW) - 33,986
10. The Mindy Project (Fox) - 32,407
11. Arrow (CW) - 31,923
12. The Mob Doctor (Fox) - 31,306
13. Chicago Fire (NBC) - 29,478
14. Ben and Kate (Fox) - 28,334
15. Elementary (CBS) - 25,135

Here are the top 15 freshman series, ranked by followers on Twitter (as of Aug. 29):

1. The New Normal (NBC) - 4,882
2. Revolution (NBC) - 4,542
3. The Mindy Project (Fox) - 4,080
4. Go On (NBC) - 3,736
5. 666 Park Avenue (ABC) - 3,067
6. Ready for Love (NBC) - 2,951
7. Stars Earn Stripes (NBC) - 2,802
8. Partners (CBS) - 2,405
9. Chicago Fire (NBC) - 2,292
10. Nashville (ABC) - 2,041
11. The Following (Fox) - 1,976
12. Animal Practice (NBC) - 1,962
13. Last Resort (ABC) - 1,956
14. Malibu Country (ABC) - 1,747
15. Elementary (CBS) - 1,494

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