Rick Perry Concludes Day of Damage Control With David Letterman

Rick Perry GOP Las Vegas - P 2011
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rick Perry GOP Las Vegas - P 2011

Let the self-deprecating mea culpas begin.

After suffering from an awkward loss of words during Wednesday's Republican debate in Michigan, in which he forgot the third agency of the government he plans to shut down if elected president, Texas Governor Rick Perry is making the rounds.

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CBS announced Thursday that the 2012 hopeful will appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, delivering the nightly Top Ten list.

Perry is a late addition to the broadcast, capping off a day of explanations delivered to dozens of media outlets.

He started with stops at most national morning shows, appearing on NBC's Today, CBS' The Early Show, ABC's Good Morning America, Fox and Friends and CNN's American Morning.

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Interviews focused on the same talking points Perry included in an email he sent to fundraisers shortly after the debate.

"We've all had human moments," he said, repeatedly, pointing to similar mistakes presidents have made throughout history.

On CNN, he suggested his lack of polish could even work to his advantage.

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“Look, we have a debater in chief now. How is that working for America?” he said. “If the fact is that the Americans want a great debater…I’m probably not their guy.”

As for his appearance on Letterman, viewers can plan on a tongue-in-cheek treatment of the snafu -- and hopefully a teleprompter.