'Dancing With the Stars': Ricki Lake and Derek Hough Prepare for 'Amicable Divorce'

Ricki Lake DWTS Smoke Red - H 2011

Ricki Lake DWTS Smoke Red - H 2011

Ricki Lake was happy about making it to the finale backstage at Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday, but she won't be playing any tiny violins when her tenure on the series ends next week.

"He's my husband," Lake said, clutching partner Derek Hough, "but we're about to go through an amicable divorce. It will all be OK."

The once and future talk show host seemed to laugh off questions about missing the show and its exhausting rehearsals, when Derek chimed in.

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"Let me answer this for her," he said. "I know this process. At this point, you're ready to be done. You have to find this energy and somehow you do. But a month later, I get the phone calls... 'I miss dancing... I miss Derek!'"

"I know I'll miss him," Ricki agreed.

What she won't miss is the toll the show is taking on her body. At one point after Tuesday's taping she lifted up her yellow feathered skirt to reveal a pretty nasty welt on her rear end.

"I'm going to go get padded underpants and knee pads," she said. "That's one of like 30 bruises on my body, but I'm not complaining."

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Ricki is actually pretty impressed with her body. The shrinking 43-year-old calls her status as the last female competitor of Season 13 a "miracle," referring to fallen comrades Kristin Cavallari and Chynna Phillips' early advantage.

"Their bodies look like dancers," Ricki said. "I didn't look like a dancer from the start, and I'm really happy with the what I've been able to do."

During next week's two-part finale, Ricki will be able to show off what else she can do with four different dances.