Ricky Gervais Really Loves His Twitter Followers

"I don't know you. My tweets aren't to you. I don't know if you read them. So don't take them personally. If you do, you're a dopey gorp," he wrote on Friday.

Ricky Gervais first made his mark as the socially inept paper company manager David Brent in the original, UK version of The Office, created the world's most successful podcast in part by winding up his friend Karl Pilkington, and then created a TV show that sent Pilkington all around the world in the most inconvenient ways possible. Oh, and he trashed Hollywood multiple times as host of the Golden Globes.

So it's safe to say that he likes to get on people's nerves, or at the very least, push their buttons. It's a large part of his comedy, pushing that socially acceptable envelope and insisting people learn to take the joke. That spirit now also extends to his Twitter feed.

A committed Atheist, Gervais often muses on his disbelief in god through the social media platform. That doesn't always sit well with his followers, who instead of deciding to unfollow him, respond back with great frustration and often, attacks. It's been going on a long time -- his photoshoot for the New Humanist Magazine earned him a rash of tweet anger in December -- but his recent battles have been something to behold.

He no longer retweets the name of his opponents -- he doesn't want to give them publicity -- but does respond, quite aggressively, to their attacks. One thing to know about Gervais: he doesn't back down. Especially because refusing to do so only helps build his brand. Win-win.

Here is a sampling of his recent greatest hits: