'Ringer': 10 Spoilers on Pregnancy, Revenge, and Possible New Frenemies

Find out what to expect for the rest of the season on The CW series.
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Now that The CW has officially given Sarah Michelle Gellar’s star vehicle, Ringer, a full season, The Hollywood Reporter has some fresh spoilers.

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Aside from discussing last episode’s bloody end, creator and executive producer Eric Charmelo and executive producer Pam Veasey revealed several spoilers about this season’s guest stars and mysteries.

Here are ten things you can expect from Season 1.

1. Veronica Mars alum Jason Dohring appears on Tuesday’s episode. “He’s going to play Juliet’s [Zoey Dutch] public school teacher who she sees as an ally,” Charmelo says.

2. Bridget, Siobhan and baby makes three. If you’ve been wondering about whether there will be some solution to the fact that Siobhan is pregnant and Bridget is faking it, the EPs say Season 1 will span the nine months at least. And the pregnancy is reaching two months at this point in the series. “[Bridget] doesn’t have that much time left before she has to come up with a plan,” Charmelo says. “You know the options are get pregnant, fake a miscarriage, or get pregnant if she’s not already pregnant. She was a stripper...”

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3. Siobhan will return from France sooner than later. "She’ll realize she’ll need to move around in order for things to work out the way that she wants them to. Being sedentary is not in the cards for her,” says Charmelo.

4. Siobhan’s motive revealed. We still don’t know much about why Siobhan pulled the disappearing act, but Veasey reveals, “She has always been the one driven by revenge, so keep that in mind and Bridget by redemption. So, revenge has to rear its beautiful head at some point in grander ways and then others.”

5. How will guest star Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Amber Benson fit into the story? “She is a stripper that was a co-worker of Bridget’s when she was stripping at Club Caged in Rock Springs, Wyoming,” Charmelo reveals. “And she’s seen better days. I guess that’s all I can say about her character.”

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6. The loft project will be no more. Now that Gemma (Tara Summers) is gone, Charmelo says, “Ideally I think Bridget wants to get rid of the loft, lots of bad memories anchored to that. So, I think they’ll probably put it up for sale at some point.”

7. We’ll find out who Siobhan’s partner in crime is. Veasey says we’ll learn the identity of the person on the phone “soon, sooner than we thought, soon… it happens very quickly.  Siobhan’s world starts to expand. So, we get a lot more answers quickly.”

8. We’ll meet the twins’ parents. The only problem is they’re dead. Charmelo says we’ll possibly meet them in flashback.

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9. Make way for Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) ex-wife and Juliet’s mom. Charmelo says she plays “A big role... that will probably come ten or eleven episodes in I think, but she will be a force of nature when she’s introduced.”

10. Speaking of Andrew’s connections... We’ll meet the person he was speaking to on the phone on the pilot episode and find out what they’re planning. “You’ll see the other side,” Charmelo says. “And you’ll see all of that play out.”

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