'Ringer': Bridget Stays, the Ponytail Must Go

It's the lesser of two evils, because that hairstyle was a crime.

You know what we hate? When certain things about a show bug us and yet we can’t stop watching it, because we need to know how it all ends. That’s the deal with The CW’s Ringer.

To be brutally honest, we had problems concentrating once Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has retained her Buffy-era looks and comes off looking like a teenager among the show’s other actors) clipped a blonde horsetail to her head and the show tried to convince us that passed for city chic. So, forgive us if our memory of the loft party isn’t exactly spot on. We were a bit distracted.

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Episode 2 centered on Bridget trying to hide her attacker’s body and then get the hell out of New York City. Of course, that’s easier said then done. Half the city depends on Siobhan for some reason or another and Bridget isn’t able to take a step without someone wanting to pour their problems into her lap or verbally elbow her with a snide remark. On top of that, Det. Victor Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is totally on to her.

Meanwhile, something’s afoot with her twin sister. Siobhan isn’t dead as we learned at the end of the premiere episode. She’s in Paris where the hats wear her while her henchmen appear to be doing her dirty work back in the City.

As these types of shows go, we assume we’re supposed to believe that Siobhan is behind the attack on her sister (and that may just be a misdirect at this point). Luckily for Bridget, the thugs aren’t hard to spot. They’re either wearing masks while chasing her or have horrible staring problems -- like the guy at the party or the man in the SUV who looked liked he had nothing but bad intentions for Bridget’s NA sponsor.

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In the end, Bridget decides she has to stay partially to honor her sister and partially because she likes feeling needed. Andrew (Ioan Gruffud) may not be the most attentive husband, but he doesn’t seem like a bad guy quite yet. His daughter’s addictions to alcohol and drugs tug on Bridget’s heartstrings, reminding her of the mess she used to be. And Siobhan’s BFF is on to her cheating husband, Henry (Kristoffer Polaha, who speaks with the worst upper crust affectation to his voice we’ve heard in a long while), and needs someone to lean on.

We imagine Siobhan’s motives will begin to surface starting with the next episode, because Bridget has withdrawn her emergency funds and thrown a wrench in her plans. She doesn’t exactly come off as the most sensitive person and the dysfunction of her life has seemingly repelled her rather than make her stick around like Bridget. Did she want to abandon her life and basically fake her death by having her sister killed in her place? Is she behind the dead body disappearing? We have to stick around to find out, but will you?

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