'Ringer' Midseason Return: 5 Things to Expect From Siobhan (Video)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer It Just Got Normal - H 2012
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer It Just Got Normal - H 2012

Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has returned to New York City. Because if she wants things done right, she has to enact her plan herself when The CW’s Ringer returns on Tuesday.

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“I think the focus largely in the first part of the season was what we call the Gemma chapter, as well as Bridget taking on her sister’s identity,” series co-creator Nicole Snyder says. “I think the focus shifts on Siobhan and her revenge plot heavily in the second half of the season.”

“We just felt like the conceit of having Siobhan in Paris was perfect for the first chapter, but we wanted to amp things up,” co-creator Eric Charmelo says. “It is just more fun playing with the 'twinning' of it all by having the two sisters in the same city simultaneously interacting and interweaving at least from one side unaware.”

The CW held a screening of Tuesday’s episode with Snyder, Charmelo, and series stars Ioan Gruffudd and Kristoffer Polaha. And they disclosed several things to expect from Bridget’s vengeful twin sister, Siobhan, as the series continues its first season with both of them in The Big Apple.

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Here are five things they revealed about Siobhan.

1. Siobhan’s only fond of gun bangs. You’ll notice Bridget is sporting bangs on Tuesday’s episode, which is one way to tell the sisters apart. “[Siobhan] knows if she ever needs to look like her sister for some reason, she can mimic that appearance,” Snyder explains. “There is a lot of attention paid to hair and makeup and clothing and making them distinct. I think Sarah Michelle, when we watch these scenes and we are watching the dailies, it sometimes feels like two different people.”

2. So, where’s the baby bump? "I think the entire season lasts six months or something around there,” Charmelo explains. “At this point, she is around four or four and a half months… Eventually she won’t be able to hide it, so around the five and a half, six-month period, you can’t deny that she is pregnant -- so that certainly will factor into her nefarious plans.” Snyder then adds, “Thankfully, coats help a lot.”

3. Siobhan and Henry aren’t over. Duh. Charmelo says that one of the major story lines running through the second part of the season will find Siobhan and Henry trying to salvage their relationship. “I think that as Siobhan gets more invested and when she comes back to New York, and Henry being such a strong part of her life, there has to be at some point some intersections,” Polaha shares of his character's clandestine relationship.

4. We’ll learn what really drove the sisters apart. The series has a major episode planned for February sweeps, which was directed by Janice Cooke (Dawson’s Creek). “She directed the episode that completely informs the incident that drove the sisters apart,” Charmelo explains. “It really fills in a huge chunk of the back story, and what is motivating Bridget and what is motivating Siobhan."

5. Siobhan isn’t so bad after all? “There are these complex shades of gray to every character,” Charmelo says. “You are going to find sides that make them redemptive and also sides that make you want to hate a character. You will actually feel pity for Siobhan, which is a tough thing to do, but you will.”

“This will all come out in future episodes like what her plan was and why she was keeping her cards so close to the vest,” he also says. “It was truly to protect people, not thinking it would ever devolve into what it has devolved into.”

Watch a preview below. Also if you need a refresher, watch this handy recap from the creators.

Ringer returns with new episodes Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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