'Ringer' Finale Postmortem: EP Talks Big Siobhan Reveal, Possible Season 2

Executive producer Pam Veasey discusses the season-ender's big twist and what that would mean for its possible second year.
Michael Desmond/The CW

The last two episodes of The CW’s Ringer answered most of the questions fans have been wrestling with since the pilot episode.

Note: Spoilers if you haven’t watched the first season finale, “I’m the Good Twin.”

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On the episodes leading into the finale, we found out that Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) ex-wife Catherine (Andrea Roth) was the one trying to kill Siobhan. And as of Tuesday’s finale, we also know just how far back Siobhan’s plan to have her sister killed in her place goes. Also, Bridget confessed her true identity to Andrew and Juliet (Zoey Dutch), which didn’t go well. But, there was one big reveal that opens new doors for the story: Bridget now knows that Siobhan is alive.

“It felt right. It’s time to let Bridget have the upper hand,” Executive Producer Pam Veasey tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She has been playing on the defense the whole year, keeping a secret. What if they find out? What consequences does it have for me? I won’t be able to go back home. I can’t go back to Wyoming, I can’t go back to Lake Tahoe. My sister committed suicide. I stepped into her shoes. She’s always been on the defensive. Now it’s time to give her a little bit of information so she can be on the offensive.”

So, both sisters are now in New York, their covers have been blown and they’re alone. So, where would that that take season two if The CW were to renew the series? “The next season would rely on living in the present,” Veasey says.

“If you think about the past season, it had a lot of back-story,” she continues. “The beauty of another season would be that we’d live in the present, only in the present. That’s the beauty of answering all the questions. All the secrets are out and past, and now it’s the consequences of both the lies and the truth.”

Veasey, who also executive-produces CBS’ CSI: NY, says that she still has no idea whether the series will be renewed. But, thankfully Ringer is on The CW (as opposed to sister network CBS, where it was supposed to air) and it doesn’t necessarily make its renewal decisions on ratings alone.

“The ratings were a challenge to understand,” she says. “We were rolling along, we took a dip, we came back up, then we were taken off, then we dived down.”

“CW works completely different,” she goes on to explain. “It has to do with all this brilliantly new technology that people are downloading and tweeting. We got the most downloaded from iTunes, and the most this and the most that, which is something I don’t deal with on CSI: NY.”

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