'Ringer': Kristoffer Polaha Reveals Why His Character Should Be Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'No. 1 Lover' (Video)

Ringer marks the return to a regular TV series gig for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but the new CW drama has another thing going for it: A lot of attractive men.

Playing one of those attractive men is Kristoffer Polaha, formerly of Life Unexpected, who portrays Henry -- someone who complicates things romantically. The Hollywood Reporter tasked Polaha at the CW fall premiere party to explain why viewers should root for Henry -- and not Mike Colter's Malcolm, Bridget's sponsor, or Ioan Gruffudd's Andrew, Siobhan's husband -- as the series' top romancer.

"He probably shouldn't be [No. 1]," Polaha says. "He's probably a good solid fourth, maybe fifth. There's so much pressure being No. 1, you gotta fight to keep the lead. No. 2, you're always saying, 'Man, I'm almost No. 1.' And the third guy's like, 'I'm still a contender. I'm placing, medal; I'm not second. I'm not even first.' The fourth guy is just kickin' it. He's there. He's at the party, he's drinking the wine, but he doesn't really have to fight for yardage."

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On a serious note, Polaha explained the reasoning for the different love interests on Ringer in regards to Gellar's characters. "They all serve a different [purpose]. Bridget and Mike Colter's character, there's heat there; Henry and Siobhan, there's heat there; and Andrew's married to Siobhan, but that doesn't have any heat until Bridget takes over Siobhan's life," he said.

Filming is well underway on the complicated series, with it recently wrapping its sixth episode, and Polaha shared that his favorite scenes that he's shot so far have to do with flashbacks -- of Henry and and the real Siobhan together.

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"When Henry is working with Siobhan, because in the episode, Henry is always working with Bridget, who is pretending to be Siobhan," he says. "It's those scenes when you see Henry and Siobhan together that have been fun to shoot."

So far, Polaha said that Henry isn't aware of the possibility that Siobhan may not be Siobhan. "He is confused," he admitted. "He had a girl who loved him and now she's icy cold and he's like, 'What's up?' "

Ringer debuts Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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