'Ringer' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

Sarah Michelle Gellar drew people to the show, but can she keep them?
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There was a palpable excitement in the Twitter-verse on Tuesday night as many Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans looked forward to the series premiere of Ringer on The CW.

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Generally, the reception from viewers seemed positive. There were a few people who just didn’t find the soapy style or the pace of the show to their liking. And others found the quality of the special effects that would create double SMG and some of the show’s picturesque setting to be on the less impressive side.

For those who didn’t enjoy the premiere episode, can the allure of Gellar keep them coming back to see if the show improves for them? Emmyheartslove hopes so. She tweeted, "Everyone just remember it's the pilot episode! It'll get better because it has Sarah!!”

Here are several other viewer opinions that got our attention:

Thumbs up.

"I like seeing SMG back on the screen, but I'm not entirely sure how to feel about." -- @TobieWanKenobi

"Couldn't get enough of #RINGER I’m watching it again :) SMG is Flawless. She back to 'SLAY'" -- @JustinL0VELY

"I liked #Ringer. It held my attention and has me wondering about the next episode." -- @dahne1

"Watched #Ringer tonight, I like it. Puzzle-like." -- @bbfan_ld

"#Ringer is such a great show on the CW. I am digging it. If you missed it, you missed out." -- @shaskell37

"Not afraid to admit that ish got real on #Ringer looks like Sarah Michelle saved the #CW yet again." -- @UncredRewrite

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"I'm still not quite sure what I think of #Ringer but will watch again next week. Very, very pretty boys on that show." -- @speaknow

"#Ringer on CW was pretty decent. Nice to see SMG back on TV" – @radiowasabi

"Well I’m enjoying #Ringer so far, however it looks a bit cheap, especially the boat part lol" -- @apolloallyn

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Thumbs down.

'"Yikes, "Ringer." Go full-on trashy/soapy or go home, you know? That wasn't just bad, it was *boring.*" -- @sodannysaid

"Nope. Can't do it. Turned #Ringer off at the 21 minute mark. I'd rather watch #dwts and you know THAT will never happen. I'm offended." -- @DuckyDoesTV

"The CGI on Ringer is really cringe worthy, lmao. I think I'll give this show a few more watches. I was really bored though, nil." -- @rollerride

"All I'm gonna say about Ringer is...holy green screen Batman." -- @frankiebot

What did you think of SMG’s return to TV? Tell us in the comments section below.

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