'Ringer' EPs Discuss Gemma's Fate

Executive Producers Eric Charmelo and Pam Veasey shed some light on the episode's bloody ending.
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Note: Spoilers if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode, “A Whole New Kind of Bitch.”

Gemma (Tara Summers) starts Tuesday’s episode of The CW’s Ringer holding all the winning cards, but things didn’t end up the way she planned.

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The episode picks up where the last episode ended. Gemma found out that Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Henry (Kris Polaha) were not only having an affair, but she’s probably pregnant with his child. To keep her from exposing the affair, Bridget reveals her real identity.

Gemma doesn’t believe her until she realizes that Bridget doesn’t have the same burn scar that Siobhan had. It’s at this point where Gemma gets crafty. She tries to blackmail Bridget into sleeping with Henry, so that she can catch them in the act. That would give her proof that he broke the infidelity clause in their prenup and allow her to take him for everything.

In her unwillingness to sleep with Henry, Bridget tells him that Gemma knows about the affair and that she planned to catch him in the act. That’s where things get foggy. Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) receives a call from an emotional Gemma asking him to meet at her apartment. When he arrives, Henry turns him away. With the door closed behind him, we see that the walls are splattered with blood and there’s no sign of Gemma.

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Creator and co-executive producer Eric Charmelo and co-executive producer Pam Veasey discussed the turn of events for Gemma with reporters at a screening on Monday.

Q: Is Gemma really dead?

Eric Charmelo: There’s blood on the wall, so you fill in the blanks however you want to.

Q: How long have you planned for this turn of events?

Pam Veasey: Not a long time. It was a decision that was supposed to add tension to the structure of the show. Let’s put it this way, we don’t count her missing yet.

Q: Now that Gemma and Malcolm are gone, is Bridget simply alone now?

Veasey: The world’s growing. Bridget has to live in Siobhan’s world where she meets more of her friends and Bridget’s world will come to her world, to “Siobette,” as we call Bridget playing Siobhan… There are other people… the world keeps expanding.

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Q: What can we expect for Henry going forward?

Charmelo: Henry is a man on the verge. When deprived of the thing he wants most, it will drive him to desperate measures… Did he or didn’t he [kill Gemma?] Again, will he be friend or foe of Bridget? Will he be friend or foe of Siobhan?

Veasey: And it makes for interesting texture for Henry, for Kris Polaha’s character who has to deal with this situation.

Q: Do you have a plan for how people will find out about Bridget and Siobhan’s identities this season?

Charmelo: We have an idea as to when we think it’s going to be dropped next. But in regard to each specific person, no. The good thing is that it’s coming from two perspectives, the reveal on the Siobhan side as well as on the Bridget side. So one sister may reveal while the other sister doesn’t and the two may not know who’s told. That’s part of the fun.

What are your theories on Gemma’s fate? Tell us in the comments section below.

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