'Ringer' Season Finale: EP Talks Bridget's 'Really Huge' Confession

Ringer Finale I'm the Good Twin - H 2012
Michael Desmond/The CW

Ringer Finale I'm the Good Twin - H 2012

After The CW’s Ringer revealed that Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) ex-wife Catherine (Andrea Roth) was behind much of the murderous intrigue surrounding Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Siobhan, the season finale moves on to resolving the twin sisters’ themes for the season -- well definitely at least one of them will. Bridget will end her search for redemption by coming clean on her real identity on Tuesday’s season finale.

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“It just falls into place,” Executive Producer Pam Veasey tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It felt right to do this as the finale with her coming clean. But, there’s still secrets. There’s things she finds out that she doesn’t understand that aren’t answered.”

THR spoke to Veasey (who’s also a co-EP on CBS’ CSI: NY) about what Bridget’s confession means for the series and what’s to come for Siobhan. She also discussed what they could have done differently this season and what the series may have been like had it stayed at CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter: The last episode was quite a ride and very revealing. What was the thought process behind it?
Pam Veasey: That episode was really about taking the audience on a ride against the one villain that everybody had in common -- Andrew, Siobhan, Bridget -- and letting the audience see the level of evil this woman would go to, because she’s a woman scorned. Toss a woman out in her marriage, in her very rich, wealthy, taken care of marriage, and she will not forget. I think the audience was all asking, who was really behind all of this that we introduced in the pilot? And so we decided in that episode that we would answer all of those questions, so that you’d get a sense of resolve, to anticipate, well, what’s going to happen in the finale if they answered those questions?

THR: Sioban had twins in the last episode, then Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) asked for a paternity test. How will that fare for them?
Veasey: I could tell you that he will confront Siobhan about the results of that paternity test and she will assure him that she knows what she’s doing. The beauty of that scene or that confrontation is that finally Henry sort of steps up to say, “Who is this woman, and what am I involved in? Has she been lying to me?” That’s his moment to stand up and say, “You may tell me one thing, but I’m going to check this all out.” There’s been a lot of suspicion about exactly who the father of the new babies is. There’s a whole bunch of math that needs to be done. And if the audience goes back and does the math, it’ll make sense.

THR: How will Bridget coming clean in the finale affecther relationships?
Veasey: Well, naturally it’s not easy. We didn’t choose a path where it was easy for Bridget. When you choose for her to do the hard things, you have to make it real, and believable and credible. And no one’s going to go, “Oh, I thought so. But we’re OK. I like you anyway.” It’s not going to be OK. But that’s all something she’ll have to deal with in the next phase. Now, she gets to be Bridget in New York. Do you know what I mean? If she’s coming clean she gets to be herself and try to overcome the lie. There’s always a consequence… the aftermath of the lie.

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THR: With Sarah Michelle Gellar starring, Ringer was one of the most buzzed-about shows this season. Yet, the ratings didn’t hold as the season progressed. Is there anything you would have done differently?
Veasey: We have fun with the series because the audience who watches it every week absolutely loved it. I mean, they could tell you every single detail, and they were completely correct. It was not, I guess you could use the word "accessible." We’d make it more accessible for people who just drop in, probably do less in an episode. And what I mean by that is make it less complex in the plotting. I don’t want to say simplify, because I love the complexity we have for the plotting and the episodes, but just sort of do less in an episode, a little bit less. We did a lot.

THR: Here’s a question you were asked a lot in the early days of the series, but now you may have a different take on. How would the show have been different if it stayed at CBS?
Veasey: It would be an easier question to answer if we had aired some episodes on CBS and then had gone to The CW. Then, I could tell you what the actual difference was… I think there were music changes, there were tone changes, a lot of the casting was different. There’s little nuances that because of the flavor, and the input and the style of what CW does that make it different from CBS. Storytelling-wise, probably a lot more information came out that I’m not sure would’ve come out on CBS. That’s just my prediction, as a producer who works for both.

The Ringer season finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW. Watch a preview below.

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