'Riverdale': Burning Questions for Season 3

When season two of The CW's Riverdale came to a close, Archie had been arrested for murder, Betty's father was in prison for a string of serial killings and Cheryl Blossom had joined a biker gang.

All in all, it was a fairly normal hour of The CW drama, and in typical Riverdale fashion, the finale closed out with several balls in the air and no telling where they might land come season three.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the finale, creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa suggested viewers turn to episode seven of season two, titled "Tales From the Darkside," for clues about what may come when Riverdale returns next season. With that in our back pocket, THR rounds up the lingering questions remaining for the citizens of the town with pep.

Archie in the Clink

Does the new for-profit prison on the southside have its first resident? The last viewers see of Archie Andrews, he's being led away by the new sheriff, whose loyalty lies with Hiram Lodge. There's been a frame-up job for sure — Archie didn't really kill the lakehouse intruder — but his complicity in the slaying could have some actual legal ramifications. Knowing Riverdale and the pace at which it moves, Archie will probably be out on bail by the end of next season's premiere, but don't put it past the show to indulge in some prison movie tropes in the meantime.

The New Serpents

One of the biggest shocks of the finale came during a meeting of the Serpents, Riverdale's down-but-not-completely-out biker gang. It turns out that red leather was a jacket option the entire time! Kidding aside, Cheryl Blossom joined the ranks but managed to hang on to her signature style. The announcement was Jughead's first act as the gang's leader, after his dad, F.P., stepped down, presumably to run the speakeasy Veronica plans on opening underneath Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. What does this change mean for the group? The Serpents collectively have had a tough time deciding whether they're a force for good or chaos in the town. Perhaps with Jughead officially in a seat of power, a more consistent mission may emerge.

Hal Lecter

As viewers learned in the season's penultimate episode, the cryptic calls to Betty were coming from inside the house. Hal Cooper was the Black Hood (well, one of them at least), and after being knocked out by Betty and arrested, one of the Riverdale Register's top reporters ended up behind a thick pane of glass — a real loss for small-town journalism. After much debate, Betty decided to visit dear old Dad in his Hannibal Lecter-like cell to confront him and swear off the darkness he passed down to her. But is the Silence of the Lambs reference more than just a nod? Could we see Hal take on an advisory role for Betty, providing insights into the mind of a killer? Aguirre-Sacasa seems to think it's a possibility.

Goodbye, Dark Betty?

If Betty is closing herself off to her darkness, what does this mean for her No. 1 hair accessory? Does the black bob have a place in Betty's fresh start?

The Other Black Hood

Speaking of the Black Hoods, Sheriff Minetta offered a weak story about the identity of the debate shooter, suggesting that the disgraced Serpent Tall Boy was behind it. The suspect conveniently died offscreen, before he could speak for himself, which doesn't seem like a particularly satisfying answer to that mystery. Expect more to come on this front.

Chic, Though?

The second season ended with more than one character potentially meeting his demise offscreen. It would be wise to remember that while we last saw the unbearably creepy Chic being chased off by the Black Hood, we still don't know what became of the guy. The body in the morgue wasn't his, so it seems highly likely that his pasty mug will turn up again, probably at the worst possible moment. And don't forget the still-undiscovered body that Betty and Jughead disposed of.

Betty's Actual Brother, Though?

Chic's explanation for what happened to Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones' love child doesn't check all the boxes. He's supposedly dead, but the evidence we have so far is the sound of a fight and some blood. There's plenty of room for the long lost half-brother of two main characters to reemerge, and how could he not? That would be too good an opportunity for some over-the-top family drama to pass up, and the laws of Riverdale simply wouldn't allow it.

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