Former 'Daily Show' Correspondent Rob Corddry on Jon Stewart: 'The Guy's Got Enough Emmys' (Video)

Rob Corddry really, really wants to win an Emmy. But first, he must persuade awards voters -- who might be politically biased toward the Jon Stewart-hosted The Daily Show and the Tina Fey brainchild 30 Rock -- that they should give him a shot over the incumbents.

"You're liberal, you dig the way that Jon Stewart lays it down, he's America's sweetheart. OK, the guy's got enough Emmys, man. Give it to some who's ... perhaps balder?" he says, stumping on his behalf as part of THR's election-inspired Emmys campaign spots.

He pleads: "Please, what are you gonna give The Daily Show another one? The Fonz is on my show, for god's sake!"

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The former Daily Show correspondent is now the star and executive producer of Cartoon Network's Childrens Hospital, an absurdist spoof on medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy that features the comic actor as Dr. Blake Downs, an MD with a full face of clown makeup who sports scrubs smeared with fake blood.

The cast includes Henry Winkler, Megan Mullally and Malin Ackerman; David Wain and Jonathan Stern are also executive producers.

The category in question: "Outstanding Special Class Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program."

Corddry's competition: The Daily Show's Correspondents Explain series; Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy; NBC's Parks and Recreation web spin-off April and Andy's Road Trip and 30 Rock: The Webisodes.

"The Fonz isn't on 30 Rock," notes Corddry. "Granted, Tina Fey is probably the closest we've come to The Fonz in the last 15 years. But can she hit a jukebox and make it turn on?"

Plus, he sniffs: "Childrens Hospital changes people's lives -- mostly 18-to-34-year-old men who may or may not smoke a lot of marijuana."

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Besides Emmy cred and bragging rights, Corddry has a darker, hidden incentive to take home a trophy Sept. 23.

"Hi, my name is Rob Corddry and you should vote for me because I made a bet with a childhood friend that if I didn't win an Emmy before I turn 42, that I would give him my firstborn," says the father of two daughters, ages 6 and 3. "I'm 41-and-a-half. Forty-one and three-quarters. If you don't vote for me, my friend Sully, who is not equipped to raise a kid ... I haven't even spoken to him in 30 years. He might be a serial killer. Let's hope he's dead."

Watch Corddry's commercial above and be sure to check back on previous clips from Ben Schwartz (House of Lies), Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Parenthood's Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter and Noel Fisher (Hatfields & McCoys).

Polls close Friday. Hurry up, cast your votes, Emmy voters!