Rob Dyrdek: 5 Questions for the 'Ridiculousness' Mastermind (Q&A)

The MTV star tells THR about his most bizarre fan interaction and what always makes him laugh.
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Rob Dyrdek's Ridiculousness returns to MTV on Monday, Aug. 20 and to mark the occasion, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the skateboarder-turned-reality star about what makes him laugh, bizarre fan interactions and his very specific coffee requirements.

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As he gears up for the series' return, featuring a guest appearance from Lil' Jon, Dyrdek will host a day-long marathon on MTV beginning at 11 a.m. ET/PT. Immediately following the broadcast, the network will debut its brand new comedy, The Inbetweeners (for more on that, click here), at 10:30 p.m.

The Hollywood Reporter: What is the one thing that ALWAYS makes you laugh?
Rob Dyrdek: Two fat sloppy bulldogs sitting like old people.

THR: What would your friends say is your best quality?  
Dyrdek: Loyalty.

THR: What is the strangest fan interaction you've ever had?
Dyrdek: Every year, for five years in a row, the same family shows up at my house on the 4th of July and we take a photo together. From simple stalking to a full blown tradition.

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THR: Do you ever get tired of watching viral videos?
Dyrdek: It's not possible. There is nothing like watching a crazy video for the very first time.

THR: What is new about Ridiculousness this season?
Dyrdek: We have a brand new set, new and improved format, better commentary, amazing guests and the highspeed recap.  

BONUS: Tell us five things we don't know about you.

1. I love to dance
2. I can't watch myself on TV
3. I spend 2 hours a week in an infrared sauna
4. I hate needles
5. I only drink coffee grown in high altitude rain forests

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