Fox News, CNN Land Rob Ford Interviews

The embattled Toronto mayor is speaking to U.S. cable news networks prior to the debut of his own show, "Ford Nation."
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Toronto mayor Rob Ford is chatting with U.S. cable news networks ahead of his new Canadian television show debut this week.

Prior to an interview with CNN's Bill Weir set to be shown on Monday on AC360, Fox News aired a conversation with the embattled politician on Sunday, where Ford stated that he is seeking treatment.

"I'm seeking professional help, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm not a drug addict," said Ford to FNC's senior national correspondent John Roberts. "Have I had my outbursts in the past? Absolutely I have, John. But you know what, I'm only human. I've made mistakes. I've apologized. That's all I can do." 

EARLIER: Toronto Mayor Gets TV Show 

Ford has come under fire for his recent admission to smoking crack as well as his ongoing controversial antics.

In previewing the conversation, the Fox News correspondent said he spoke to Ford during a break from filming the mayor's forthcoming Canadian TV talk show. That program, titled Ford Nation, will air on Sun News Network on Monday. 

"We are in the age of reality TV, and it doesn't get more real than the Fords," said the Sun News Network's vp, Kory Teneycke, earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, on CNN, Weir interviewed the brother of the Toronto mayor, Doug Ford Jr. -- a city councilmember who will also feature on Ford Nation -- for a Friday segment of AC360.

Promos have begun for the CNN follow-up, the Rob Ford interview at 8 p.m. on Monday. Weir teased the interview:

Roberts Sunday interview with Ford on Fox News is below: