Rob Lowe Channels Drew Peterson In Creepy Teaser for Lifetime Movie

The clip reveals the actor's stunning makeover as the infamous murder suspect.
Matt Carr/Getty Images

It's a new Rob Lowe.

The polished actor underwent a startling tranformation to take on the role of a suspected killer in Lifetime's Drew Peterson: Untouchable, debuting Jan. 21. The cable channel released an ad teasing its original film, and the clip (below) shows Lowe sporting gray hair, a mustache, a menacing stare and a fairly solid Chicago accent. "I'm untouchable, (bleep)," Lowe-as-Peterson says, taunting his latest victim. Shudder.

Lowe, who portrays Parks and Recreation's neurotically cheerful boss, signed on to star in the film earlier this year in an unexpected departure from his typical roles. Peterson, an ex-police officer, was charged with the death of his third wife after the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife; he's now serving jail time and complaining about it. The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco portrays wife No. 4, Stacy, who was last seen in October 2007.