Robert De Niro's Mueller Bids Farewell to Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions in 'SNL' Cold Open

In the wake of the news that Jeff Sessions was pushed out of his job as attorney general on Wednesday, NBC's Saturday Night Live welcomed back castmember Kate McKinnon’s ongoing impression of the former Justice Department official in the cold open to the latest episode. Robert De Niro also made a cameo as special counsel Robert Mueller.

McKinnon emerged from underneath a desk as Aidy Bryant, reprising her impression of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, walked in. Bryant’s Sanders informed McKinnon’s Sessions that she had to pack up and go. “Luckily, I still have the box I was born in,” McKinnon’s Sessions said.

“I sure did have some good times here in my almost 16 months as attorney general,” McKinnon’s Sessions said, packing up the office. “Justified a lot of bad things with this book,” the character added, packing up a Bible.

McKinnon’s Sessions also packed a mug with a Confederate flag on it that read, “It’s not about hatred. It’s about heritage.” Inside, there was a smaller mug that said, “JK, it is about hatred.”

In the sketch, McKinnon’s Sessions also nibbled on an acorn he was saving for the long winter and drank from a hamster water bottle.

“I put kids in cages, I said no to gays, what more did you guys want?” McKinnon’s Sessions asked Vice President Mike Pence, who was played by Beck Bennett.

McKinnon’s Sessions also broke out into song, performing a rendition of Adele’s “Someone Like You” dedicated to President Donald Trump as clips of Alec Baldwin as Trump from previous SNL episodes rolled. Baldwin has not appeared on the show since his arrest earlier this month for allegedly punching someone over a parking spot.

De Niro brought back his impression of Mueller, who thanked McKinnon’s Sessions for all his help in the Russia special investigation. They both sang more of “Someone Like You” heading into the “Live from New York” line.