Robert De Niro's Mueller Reads Trump Russia Report in 'SNL' Cold Open

Robert DeNiro SNL March 30 — Screenshot — H 2019

Robert De Niro made a cameo on the cold open of the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live, playing Robert Mueller in a sketch that showed the special counsel reading his report, attorney William Barr summarizing it in real time and President Donald Trump live-tweeting his reactions (with Aidy Bryant playing Barr and Alec Baldwin returning for his Trump impression).

“No collusion, no diggity, no doubt,” Bryant’s Barr said, followed by Baldwin’s Trump celebrating with an airhorn.

Throughout, Bryant’s Barr deliberately downplayed Mueller’s report to make Trump appear more favorable. "Somebody from the Trump team may have met with Russians at some point," De Niro’s Mueller said, which got distilled by Bryant’s Barr into: "Somebody distantly associated with the Trumps may have done something weird." Baldwin’s Trump then started singing the lyrics to Smash Mouth's "All Star."

At one point, Baldwin’s Trump held up a copy of the report and said that they would be redacting everything other than the words “no” and “collusion.” “If you shoot at the devil, you best not miss,” Baldwin’s Trump said, and then Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani appeared to say, “Did somebody say 'devil'?”