Robert Pattinson Tells a Tale of Craigslist, Dogging and Prostates on 'Kimmel!' (Video)

Cosmopolis Premiere Robert Pattinson - H 2012
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Cosmopolis Premiere Robert Pattinson - H 2012

Ladies of Los Angeles, save the screaming at a film premeire: your best bet for meeting Robert Pattinson may not come at a red carpet event, but from a transaction on Craigslist.

The British star may be quite wealthy thanks to the Twilight films, and play a brash limo-riding billionaire in his new film Cosmopolis, but he brandished his pauper credentials during his appearance Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, describing his cut-rate negotiations on an old Subaru he bought off of Craigslist.

Pattinson also "revealed" that he lives in a trash can behind a rented archway, but good luck actually finding him in the garbage; that part, we're quite sure, was farce. Fact is, he's too busy hanging out in parking lots, unaware that they're actually hotbeds for "dogging," which he says is the British term for cruising.

All told, it was quite the interview, and certainly a big change from his sullen Edward Cullen days.