Ron Howard Tweets Pictures From The 'Arrested Development' Set (Photo)

Ron Howard Arrested Development Set Twitter - H 2012

Ron Howard Arrested Development Set Twitter - H 2012

Bit by bit, the Bluths are being revealed once again.

Ron Howard, who has become a prolific cellphone photographer, tweeted very late Tuesday a series of shots from the set of Arrested Development, which has begun shooting its comeback episodes. Howard serves as an EP and the series' narrator, but as he revealed previously on Twitter, he'll also get some on-screen time with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and the gang.

Bateman tweeted a couple of excitement-inducing photos a few weeks back of Cera standing in their TV house; the age difference between the last time we saw him there and now was striking.

No sign yet of John Slattery, who will have a role in the upcoming series.

Interestingly, one of Howard's photos showed Cera on a director's chair, watching a scene being filmed. In the show name's font are the words "The Next," on the back of the chair, which could indicate a series' subtitle, or at least part of one.