Ron Paul Walks Off CNN Interview (Video)

The GOP candidate refused to answer questions about his involvement with a racist newsletter from two decades ago.
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GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul unexpectedly ended an interview with CNN  when the reporter, Gloria Borger, continued to ask the GOP candidate about his involvement with a racist newsletter from two decades ago.

In the video, the Texas Congressman answers the first time Borger asks him about the newsletters, which were sent out in the late 1980s and early 1990s under his name.

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“I didn’t write them, I disavowed them, that’s it,” he says.

Borger continues to ask him about the newsletters, and Paul continues to repeat his answer.

“It’s been going on about 20 years that people have pestered me about this, and CNN does it every single time, so when are you going to wear yourself out?” says Paul. He then proceeds to take off his microphone and end the interview.

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"I appreciate you answering the questions and you understand it’s our job to ask them,” said Borger as Paul exited the interview.

Paul was clear in the interview that he’s tired of answering questions about the newsletters. The newsletters were also brought up during the Texas Congressman's previous campaigns for the House in 1996 and the presidency in 2008.

Watch below: