Ronan Farrow Jokes He's Modeling MSNBC Show on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (Video)

Ronan Farrow Jimmy Fallon - H 2014

Ronan Farrow Jimmy Fallon - H 2014

There's a lot that still remains unknown about MSNBC's new Ronan Farrow show, including the title, but on Wednesday night the 26-year-old future host provided some insight into his upcoming program: It'll be just like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

"I'm ripping off your show in all sorts of ways," Farrow joked to Fallon on NBC's Late Night. "That's the plan."

Fallon supported that goal but advised, "only the stuff that works."

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"I'm trying to get the lawyers to clear the title Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but it's running into some obstacles," Farrow added.

But Fallon, who's taking over The Tonight Show on Feb. 17, quickly offered, "You can have it in a couple weeks."

Farrow later got serious about his plans for the show, saying he hopes to use it to get people more involved in the news.

"Where a lot of the news just leaves you by the side of the road once they tell you the story, my hope is every week we'll introduce a kind of call to action where we can track how people are actually reacting to the story, being a part of it themselves, and being a part of the solution," he explained.

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Farrow really seemed to charm Fallon, who read several of Farrow's tweets and collapsed into giggles after each one and laughed uproariously at a story Farrow told about growing up with a diverse group of siblings.

"My sister Quincy, who's black, would get called the n-word at school and we'd talk for hours, and then my sister Frankie, who's blind, would chime in an hour into a conversation about race and go, 'Wait. Quincy's black?' "

Farrow's MSNBC show is set to premiere on Feb. 24 at 1 p.m.

Watch Farrow's full interview with Fallon below.