'Rookie Blue': Missy Peregrym Previews Big Changes and Big Surprises in Season 4

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Andy McNally is in for a rude awakening on Rookie Blue.

After spending half a year working undercover with fellow rookie cop Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), when Andy returns to 15 Division, things aren't as she and Nick left them six months earlier.

"She's taken herself completely out of the world she's known. She's working with Nick and they've become very good partners. When it's you two responsible for the operation, you can't help but grow when you have to make these decisions by yourself," Rookie Blue star Missy Peregrym, who plays Andy, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Naturally, she grows in that area and she becomes stronger in her position, more confident in how she likes to do her job."

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In terms of Andy's personal life, specifically her romantic future with newly minted detective Sam Swarek (Ben Bass), that's a lot murkier. "Personally, she feels strong and she thinks that she's good and she thinks she has clarity on the Sam situation and that she's going to fall into step when she gets back to Division -- and that's not what happens, at all," Peregrym says.

Peregrym previews the new season with THR, discussing Andy's struggles to adapt to the "new" 15 Division, a Sam-Andy reunion and whether the rookies will ever get promoted. (Check out THR's in-depth chat with Rookie Blue showrunner Tassie Cameron.)

The Hollywood Reporter: How does Andy deal with Sam moving on?

Missy Peregrym: I think it just sucks. [Laughs] When they broke up she thought, well, his reasoning was that he can't do his job and be in a relationship at the same time and she takes it extremely personally: "You meant, with me." But there is always going to be a chemistry with them. It doesn't matter what the situation is; there is a bond or connection that is undeniable to them both and definitely makes things complicated. She's in a position where she has to step back and accept the changes. She has to respect them even though it really hurts to do that. I think it's great to see Andy do that. She's used to going after everything she wants.

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THR: How does she move on? We see Nick and Andy get closer through their undercover stint.

Peregrym: It's not to be in a relationship [with Nick]. Nick has his own thing going on. There is a strong connection built there and we're just building on top of what we saw last season. They already have this very strong connection, but it's more friend-based. It's a struggle. It's already going to be an adjustment to go from playing girlfriend and boyfriend for six months to all of a sudden going back to 15 Division, where you think you're over [another] person emotionally and you're really not. There is a lot of stuff that Andy has to work through at the same time. She has Traci (Enuka Okuma) and Oliver (Matt Gordon) is involved in this process.

THR: A new rookie comes into the fold early in the season. How would you describe Chloe (Priscilla Faia) and how does her presence affect the core group?

Peregrym: [Laughs] It's hysterical. When Chloe comes in, she's just so different. Her thought process makes no sense to anybody else, but she's good at her job. It really affects Dov (Gregory Smith) because he's partnering with her and they're hilarious together. They're so different from one another, it's fun to watch. It's a great addition; it was perfect timing to have someone like that come in. We definitely have some comedic relief for some serious situations. [She and Dov] have a whole journey that happens there. There will be people who really relate to the character. We haven't had anybody like this yet.

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THR: Is there an episode that you're looking forward to seeing yourself?

Peregrym: I really do like the premiere because it's different. You're taking the show out of its original setting, which is 15 Division, and we're all collaborating on the same thing accidentally because things go awry. I like seeing where Nick and Andy have been for six months and getting the audience caught up with what's happened. It really does kick-start the season off in a great way.

Sam and Andy work together again in episode two, and that's always stupid banter [between the two], which is a lot of fun to play. [Laughs] It gets heightened. Andy is way stronger, I'm telling you, she says more, she's more outspoken. She's always done her own thing but it was always full of apologies and you just don't see her apologizing very much this year, which is refreshing.

THR: What can we expect in the rest of the season?

Peregrym: There are some big surprises. What I enjoyed about this season is we've been growing with these characters for three years now. The dynamics have changed quite a bit this season and it affects everybody but you see us all grow up. We are actually technically still rookies, but there is a maturity. You see us trying to figure out who we are and finding that in some aspects.

THR: Will we ever see them promoted from rookie status?

Peregrym: Not this year. I don't know when that happens. I guess Chloe is more of a rookie but she transferred from another Division so it's not like she's starting over. There is always an adjustment. Andy has to find her place again because she's been gone for six months and she has to re-establish herself. I don't know if you can ever feel confident in this job, to be honest. I don't know if you can ever go to work and say, "I'm going to handle this really great today. There is another crazy person we have to calm down, and I know exactly what to do." It's impossible, so that works in our favor for being Rookie Blue.

Rookie Blue premieres at 10 p.m. Thursday on ABC.

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