Roseanne Barr Embarking on Presidential Campaign (Video)

The comedienne's platform includes abolishing taxes and forgiving all student loans.
Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Roseanne Barr used a Thursday night appearance on The Tonight Show to declare her candidacy for President of the United States (and Prime Minister of Israel).

Barr, who is making the publicity rounds for her Lifetime reality series Roseanne's Nuts, said her primary goal was to participate in presidential debates: "I'm totally serious 'cause I want to be part of the debates. I want to represent the taxpayers. I want to put the questions to the panel like, 'Where the hell did our money go?'"

She told Jay Leno she selected his show for the announcement because he helped get Arnold Schwarzenegger elected as governor of California. (The actor revealed that he was running for the state's highest office in August 2003.)

Barr's candidacy, should it materialize, garnered lukewarm audience response but slogans from sample bumper stickers such as "Roseanne For President - Isn't It Time We Had a President With Some Nuts" and "Finally a President Who Can't Get the Maid Pregnant" did generate laughs.

Barr's political platform? Abolish taxes, forgive all student loans and do away with currency.

Her party? The American Green Tea Party.

Barr has been plotting the move since May 2010, according to her website.

Whether or not she'll take it further than the talk show circuit is debatable.