Roseanne Barr Warns Obama Over Medical Marijuana on Letterman (Video)

The comedienne and one-time Green Party primary presidential candidate wants to keep California green.

Roseanne Barr may be formally out of this year's presidential election, but she's keeping her voice in the debate. Kind of.

Appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Barr, who placed second in the Green Party's presidential primary this year, laid down a stark warning to President Obama: don't touch California's medical marijuana.

"Obama, you’ll get my joint when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers," she said.

She went on to chide the president about his alleged "kill list" and use of drone strikes against terrorists.

The federal government has ramped up enforcement against medical marijuana dispenciaries in California in the past year, with many blaming the president. The judges responsible for the decision, however, say that no directive came from the White House.

Regardless, Barr has long been an advocate of medical marijuana -- she says hers is for mental illness -- and it was one of her big campaign points while she was running for the Green Party nomination. She was said to be on the short list to make the Green Party's ticket as its vice presidential nominee this past weekend, but presidential nominee Jill Stein instead chose Cheri Honkola.