Royal Baby: U.S. Late Night Hosts Joke About Labor, Ceremony

The birth of Britain's new heir to the throne led comedians across the pond to poke fun at the pomp and circumstance of the event and the family's lack of experience with real labor.
Comedy Central
The Daily Show with John Oliver

The birth of the royal baby on Monday provided plenty of fodder for late-night comedians in the U.S.

All the major hosts devoted a significant portion of Monday night's show to cracking jokes about the new heir to the throne, focusing largely on the pomp and circumstance of the announcement and the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's labor was likely the only work the royals will ever have to do.

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 As Jimmy Fallon noted, when the royals heard Middleton was in labor, they said, "Oh my God! What's labor? We have to work?"

Jay Leno devoted several minutes to Prince William and Middleton's son, referring to him as "the first bare ass royal since Prince Harry."

"Can you believe the media coverage?" Leno asked. "You'd think it was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having the kid; it was unbelievable."

Leno also used the news to once again joke about being replaced by Fallon, this time as the person who was supposed to announce the birth at the hospital this afternoon. Leno made his comments as he showed footage from CNN of a man walking outside of the hospital who looked like Fallon, with the graphic reading "Jimmy Fallon delivers royal announcement."

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On The Daily Show, substitute host John Oliver put his over-caffeinated-Brit character to good use, jumping up and down at the news of the royal baby and instructing the audience to kneel before the child, "the one true king."

Oliver also ran the clip of the CNN commentator who said Middleton was a "brilliant royal" because she gave birth to a boy.

"What would your response have been if it had been a girl?," Oliver asked. "'Damnation upon your cursed womb, Catherine! Burn the princess for she hath produced a baby of the weaker sex! Burn them both!'"

Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report hinted they would have "full team coverage" Tuesday night, with Stephen Colbert noting that meant he needed to "get a team."

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David Letterman was less impressed with the news, saying it would be a big deal "if the year was 1250" and introducing himself as "the royal baby."

Craig Ferguson noted it was a small crowd in the delivery room but that among those in attendance was Neil Patrick Harris.

"He does the Emmys, Tonys, the royal birth," Ferguson explained. "He was there! And you know what? He makes it better. 'Cause normally I don't enjoy these things, but when Neil does it, I'm like, actually this is entertaining."