Russell Crowe Finds He's Too Honest for 'Tonight Show's' "Box of Lies"

The 'Nice Guys' star celebrated his birthday with Fallon on Thursday night.
Russell Crowe on 'The Tonight Show'

Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon just can't stand lying to each other.

The Nice Guys actor joined Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show to celebrate his birthday and to play a nice, friendly game of "Box of Lies."

Crowe was able to withstand Fallon's taunting through the first hint, presenting a "xylophone that's covered in Australian dogs." The actor even explained at length that the dogs were actually Portuguese, "but for some reason, they call them Australian here."

During Fallon's turn, the host had to describe a junk drawer. "It's a drawer where you just put stuff," he summed up, "could be an old battery in there, Chinese takeout soy sauce, hot-sauce packets, empty rolls of scotch tape, things of that nature."

Crowe's final turn was harder to describe. As he explained (with great difficulty), it was a starfish with baby hands at the end of each star point. They both played the game with a truth-telling strategy because, in the end, they were just a bit too honest for a game called "Box of Lies."