Russell Crowe Gets His Jockstrap Back in Elaborate 'Last Week Tonight' Heist

Last Week Tonight The Wax & the Furious - H 2018

Are you not entertained? 

Russell Crowe had the last laugh in an elaborate (and hilarious) heist that helped to close out this season of Last Week Tonight

Among the numerous stories the HBO show did that made headlines this year was the segment about donating memorabilia for Crowe's collection to one of the few remaining Blockbusters, located in Alaska. 

But when that store finally closed, the gem of the collection, a leather jockstrap worn by Crowe in 2005's Cinderella Man, went missing. Or did it? 

With the help of Armie Hammer, John Oliver revealed that the jockstrap was taken in an elaborate heist, shown as a trailer for a Fast and Furious film. 

Hammer stars in the "film" and is joined by a collection of wax presidents — including Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Warren G. Harding— that the show also bought for a different segment. The movie is titled The Wax & the Furious.

The big payoff comes at the very end of the trailer when Hammer asks who could have masterminded the entire plan.